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Google, Microsoft Compete For College Email
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Universities have been opting for email services managed by Microsoft or Google as a desirable alternative to running email as an in-house operation.

Use the SoapDocumentMethod Attribute to Speed Up Web Services
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I’ve done a lot of web services during the last couple of years and I simply love Service Oriented Architecture using SOAP.

SOASTA Founder Talks SOA and Services

Ken Gardner is founder and Executive Chairman of SOASTA, a privately-held technology company focused on developing visual software tools for the testing, certification, and demonstration of SOA-based systems.

Web Services Overtakes Security

Coverage of the Society of Information Management’s annual SIMposium conference reveals that Web services technology has eclipsed security as the top focus for senior IT executives.

E.U. Leads The Charge In Web Services

Web services are responsible for what some have described as a “seismic shift in computing.” The growth of Web services is, in turn, being attributed to efforts and participation within the European Union. The E.U. seems to have surpassed the U.S. in this respect.

Web Services and PHP

Have you ever wanted to enrich your site with information from Google, Amazon, eBay, or one of the many other sites that provide web services through SOAP?

SIP protocol

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a protocol that initiates and manages interactive user sessions involving voice, video, instant messaging, and other such multimedia sessions.