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Old Media, Time To Find The Missing Link
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There is an inherent competitiveness within the media industry, and any given entity goes about its business as though parallel organizations don’t exist – and throwing the competition a hyperlink is tantamount to endorsement. After all, if you sell shoes, you wouldn’t willingly direct customers to another shoe store, would you?

Hey, Shakespeare! Nobody Cares; Web Writing Tips

Writing for the Web is tricky business because there is no audience more diverse. Writers, especially purist writers (I’m pointing at myself both accusatorily and guiltily), are stubborn, especially ones honed in a print world where the appropriate audience finds you or rejects in distant silence, and writers (secretly) want you to bask in their brilliance.

Suck Quieter, Lest They Make A Website About It
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Pick whichever cliché you like: what goes around comes around; you catch more flies with honey; adding insult to injury; cutting off your nose to spite your face; his butt would make Harold a Sunday face. They all could apply here – maybe not that last one; just something my grandfather used to say.

Fred Thompson Gets All The Media
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Potential Republican Presidential candidate Fred Thompson has a website that should be a model for anyone aspiring to political office.

News Article Design: 20 Tips For Good Web Copy
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Clean is better. Eye-tracking studies say so. Web copy should be bulleted, concise, easy. Photos should be informative, not decorative. White space is good. And guys like looking at George Brett’s protective cup.

You weren’t expecting that last part were you?

I wasn’t either. But this post on effective news article design proves it.

Newspapers have had trouble transitioning from print to the Web. They’re used to doing things differently.

Web Design When The End-User Is A Person

As more and more of the world logs on to Web, we know that now is not the time to experiment with design, or to assume what works in the real world works in the virtual world. It’s time to apply what we know works, and what works is entirely dependent upon the end-user.

Thou Shalt Obey Web Design Rules

They are actually more like guidelines, really, but writer Jim Edwards did a nice job of assembling Ten Commandments of web design for new and experienced webmasters alike.

Yahoo UK Redesign Boosts Answers

A well-crafted front page redesign can do wonders with redirecting traffic to other pages and subdomains owned by a site, as Yahoo UK’s update has done.

How Not To Make Your Customer Hate You

Perhaps the best single guideline for web design is to ask yourself, “what do I like?” Seems an obvious concept, but if you do any surfing at all, you know there are some sites that grab you and keep you, and others you’ll break your mouse finger to get out of. The purpose of this article is to remind you of the things you hate.

Using Animation & Rich Media In Web Design

The use of special effects on web pages has literally exploded. Special effects are used either to draw potential client’s attention to a web site or to show off technical expertise.

You Cant Drink An Ugly Site Pretty

About half a blink, one-twentieth of a second, is the amount of time you have to outdo your competitors online. Internet users only need 50 milliseconds to make a judgment about your website and that 50 milliseconds colors the rest of their experience at www.yoursite.com.