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Dealing With Bounce Rates And Hippos
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Generally when hippos enter the conversation there are only a few directions the conversation can go; none of these directions tend to lead to well-heeled executives. Avinash Kaushik, author of Web Analytics: An Hour a Day, follows no such arbitrary narrative rules.

SES San Jose – Understanding Web Analytics

What is it about web analytics that that intrigues and yet scares companies at the same time? Everyone want to understand analytics, yet once one starts digging in, it can get complicated. In Identify, Analyze, Act: SEM by the Numbers, they gave tips on what you should be looking at and what you should be paying attention to.

SEO Step Eight Of Ten: Statistics Analysis
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Welcome to step eight in this ten part SEO series. The ten parts of the SEO process we will be covering are:

SES New York Conference Events





Sky Clouds

Mistakes in Web Analytics

There’s a lot of talk in the measurement community about best practices–accepted methods to measure and optimize a website.

Interview with Web Analyst WDave

Continuing my series of interviews with Web Analysts, here is an interview with Wandering Dave Rhee also known as WDave.

Comparing Web Analytics Tools

Last week CMS Watch released the latest Web Analytics Report. This report by Phil Kemelor, the lead analyst of this Report, reviews and compares several web analytics tools in the market. The web analytics tools reviewed in this reports are

24/7 Real Media – Open Ad Stream
AuriQ Systems – RTMetrics
Coremetrics – Online Analytics

Conversion Funnels in Web Analtyics

I have a few quick notes of things I wanted to mention before I dive into more discussion of Form Abandonment and Conversion Funnels.

With the new year kicking off I have a whole raft of interesting speaking gigs coming up. This Thursday I’m going to be back in San Diego speaking at SemDirector’s (I guess I should now say Covario since they have changed their name) InflectionPoint 2008 Conference.

Report Released on Global Analytics Stats

Analytics vendor, VisiStat, has released a new report containing a summary of Global web analytics statistics they collected over 2007.

Many Analytics Vendors to Choose From

CMS Watch today rejected the snowball of hype suggesting that Google Analytics and Omniture are the only remaining solid choices for Web Analytics.

For mid-sized and larger enterprises in particular, and buyers in the UK and Europe, there are many established vendors who can provide advanced analytics functionality.

Web Analytics – Abandonment

The classic web analytics funnel analysis is simple indeed.

The key metric is the percentage of times the process is abandoned on each step. The implicit assumption is that steps with the highest abandonment rates are the biggest problem.

Best Posts of the Year for Analytics

Dennis Mortensen, COO of Index Tools and author of the blog Visual Revenue, has summarized the 18 most popular web analytics posts of 2007.

His list includes posts from 6 different authorities in the Web Analytics industry including: Occam’s Razor, Web Analytics Demystified, Web Metrics Guru, Visual Revenue, Web Analytics World, and Luna Metrics.

Web Analytics Predictions for the New Year
If you’re looking for Web Analytics predictions for 2008 then I recommend checking out Rich Page’s blog where he posts about his thoughts for what’s to come in 2008.

Compete: Republican Candidates Run For Visitors
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When it comes to who’s paying attention to perceived frontrunners Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, and Mitt Romney among the Republican candidates, the trio receives virtually equal visits to their websites. You’ll never guess who trumps them, and a fourth candidate, easily.

Affiliate Summit: Web Analytics

“This looks good” and “that feels right” may be a good approach to arranging furniture, but for tracking affiliate programs, Bill Bruno recommends using something more precise: Web analytics tools.  Bruno, a Project Manager at Stratigent, discussed the issue at the Affiliate Summit conference.

Where is the Google Search Result?

I had a client ask me the other day where his traffic was coming from, since he couldn’t find his listing in the top few pages of search results for a keyword that was showing up in his analytics reports.

Why You Don’t Need Web Analytics

How many saw that headline and heaved a sigh of relief? “Oh good,” you thought, “one less thing on my to do list.”

Web Analytics World has 21 reasons that you do not need web analytics. Any of these sound like you or your clients?

Web Analytics News

Up here in British Columbia, Canada we are wrapping up a well deserved long weekend. To start this short work week I’d like to give a shout out to all the excellent web analytics related articles/posts from last week.

More on the Great comScore Debate
I’ve gotten several comments on my comScore post – and because the issue is so topical I wanted to post directly about my thoughts regarding them.

Engine Ready – An Alternative to Google Analytics

Last year I wrote a guide to web analytics that discussed various types of tracking solutions such as Google Analytics which has caused many people to ask me about solutions other than Google. I personally am a big fan of Google Analytics, but if you don’t want to use them for some reason or are looking for more advanced reporting, Engine Ready is a great solution at a cheap price. Here is why I like it:

comScore – The Great Debate
By now, nearly everyone in the web analytics community is abuzz over the recent release by comScore of a study on cookie deletion rates. comScore tracked a specific web site (advertised as a portal) and one 3rd Party Ad Serving network against a panel of 400,000 users. During the study, comScore measured how often the 1st Party cookies (issued by the portal) and the 3rd Party cookies (issued by an Ad Serving Network) were deleted and replaced. The results can fairly be described as startling in several respects.

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