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What’s Robert Scoble Building in Building43?
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Back in March, popular blogger and technical evangelist Robert Scoble announced that he was leaving Fast Company. Now he works at Rackspace and is building what is being called a "community for people fanatical about the Internet." This is called Building43.

Vertical Search Any Competition for Google?

Sramana Mitra has a post over at GigaOm that plays on her interest in Web3.0, which she defines on her site as the “verticalization of the web around specific Contexts”.

‘Web 3.0,’ Apparently, Has Interchangeable Parts

If Eric Schmidt’s right, the business world is in for another love-hate relationship around the bend: so-called Web 3.0. I say "so-called" because it’s kinda silly. But Schmidt’s interpretation of this hypothetical means, inherently, even more control for the consumer, and less for the seller/marketer/developer.

The Mind Blowing Evolution of the Social Web
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Online marketing is as much about knowing where the web is going, as it is about understanding the current snapshot of how things work now. Early adapters to technology and those that embrace trends will reap huge rewards.

Envisioning Web 3.0
Just when you were starting to get tired of Web 2.0, David Siegel envisions Web 3.0. We’re not there yet, but it sounds pretty darn cool:

SEM – Beyond the Popularity Contest

In my last article I wrote about how search marketing is currently like a giant popularity contest. This begs the question of what’s going to come next as Google’s and the other engines’ algorithms keep evolving and take into account more and more data. What will this mean for search marketers?

Ready for Web 3.0?

Living in Silicon Valley has been an intoxicating and suffocating experience all wrapped up into a lavish party with gourmet food and cocktails poured through a block of chiseled ice. Everyday I live, breath, sleep everything two dot oh, and what started as a way of making the web more dynamic and interactive, is now one big pool of punch where programmers, marketers, and startup founders are the new rock stars and everyone wants to jump in to take a dip and take a sip.

Web 2007

Damn, I take a few days off of blogging and the New York Times (er, John Markoff) goes and invents Web 3.0.

There Is No Web 3.0

John Markoff writes in the NY Times that Web 3.0 is coming.