Web 2.0 Articles

There Is No Web 3.0

John Markoff writes in the NY Times that Web 3.0 is coming.

Ning Offers Easy Social Network Creation

CNET has details of Ning.com’s public launch at the Web 2.0 Summit this week.

Talk About Web 2.0

Just a quick reminder of the mesh meetup we’re having at the Irish Embassy on November 15th in Toronto (that’s a bar, not the real Irish Embassy, for anyone who thinks the bright green country filled with leprechauns might have seceded when they weren’t looking).

Anything new at Web 2.0 Summit?

I too sensed the malaise at the Web 2.0 Summit. I guess the fact that I’m at home in Half Moon Bay right now trying to catch up on editing and email tasks gives you a good hint about what I thought.

It’s Like Eric Schmidt Is Speaking Through An API

The “Conversation with Eric Schmidt” was interesting for a couple of reasons yesterday at the Web 2.0 Summit.

A Chat With Google’s Eric Schmidt

Dan Farber has a good summary of John Battelle’s chat with Eric Schmidt at this week’s Web 2.0 Summit.

Jeff Bezos Talks Amazon Web Services

I’ve always liked Jeff Bezos persona as he comes off as a very honest and energetic guy who’s passionate about the web and what can be done on it. He started out by talking about the Amazon we know today that has 61 million active buyers and will surpass 10 billion in 2006 sales.

Top Ten Lies Of Web 2.0

SFGate.com posted a list of the top 10 lies of Web 2.0 which geeky types in particular will find amusing (well, I did).

Web 2.0 – Built for Speed

Being built for speed isn’t a bad thing – especially not if that makes your price tag go up.

Conversation With Google CEO Eric Schmidt

4:20: The grand ballroom for the welcome message and a talk by Google CEO Eric Schmidt was packed; I skipped upstairs to a swank overflow room catered by Google. Remember those Google snack rooms? They turned this room into one of them.

Tim OReilly’s Web 2.0 Report

Tim O’Reilly, the tech media titan who gave Web 2.0 its name and defined many of its characteristics in a seminal paper called What is Web 2.0, is peddling a new report called Web 2.0 Principles and Best Practices. The 101-page report was actually written by John Musser of Programmableweb.com, using O’Reilly’s original 5-page paper as the takeoff point.

Wikiality: The Voice of The Crowd Is a Whisper

The Wisdom of Crowds idea is a beautiful and elegant theory, despite any Aristotelian reservations you may have about the masses. Internet visionaries have applied the concept as a slogan for the participatory Web, and a deathblow to elitist information dissemination. Only problem is, only the elite are participating.

Web 2.0 in eCommerce

There has never been a better time to start an online business! According to Jupiter Research, a market research firm, online retail spending in the United States will increase to a whopping $95 billion in 2006.

Pew: Web 2.0 Is Web 1.0

Pew Internet and American Life Project released a six-page analysis of Web 2.0, attempting to define, exactly, what types of Internet applications the phrase covers. The end result: like porn, we know Web 2.0 when we see it; and Web 2.0 has been here since Web 1.0.

Jason Goldberg on Web 2.0 and its Impact

Jason Goldberg – the CEO of Jobster – is giving his introduction about “What Web 2.0 is”. He has a very simple definition for it:

Web 2.0 Makes You More Productive

Many people get caught up in defining Web 2.0. I had breakfast with a friend yesterday and told him about TNNI conference. He said, “What’s Web 2.0? Is it software or is it an idea?” I said, “It’s an idea.”

Webtop – The Future of Computing

A number of people have thrown around the word “webtop” – but in doing so, I think they miss what the future of the web might have in store for us.

Web 2.0 and The Letter “e”: The Interview

Ever wonder why Flickr, Frappr, Soonr, Zooomr and a host of other companies are spelled the way they are?

Business Week: Web 2.0 is a Reality

The Live Web portends a real sea of change for business.

Does Web 2.0 Support Net Neutrality?

Sitting at the Vloggercon show again, and I came to hear on the panel on Net Neutrality – an area that really does interest me, mainly because of the deafening silence in the Web 2.0 community. Huge silence.

O’Reilly Blasted Over Web 2.0 Suit

The man who popularized the phrase Web 2.0 over the past couple of years has been accused of dropping a lawsuit on an Irish non-profit organization for using the term in “flagrant violation” of O’Reilly’s trademark.