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Forget Print, Can Journalism Be Saved?
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It would take steely nerve or extreme romanticism to major in journalism these days. The pay was never great for the green and the aspiring, and hence consideration of journalism as a career required some stubborn devotion to the importance of the Fourth Estate. But a decade ago, one at least assumed there was security, honor, and even prestige in the profession, which was motivation enough.

Botched Debate Draws Complaints By Thousands
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In case you thought you were alone, you’re not the only one miffed* at ABC’s Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos after last night’s "debate." Over 16,000 people have commented so far at ABCNews.com’s debate page—and most of it’s not good.

Problems With Social Media

Note to self: Do not keep the bulk of tax filing till the last month before taxes are due.

In the midst of shuffling paper around for hours and hours in my office (a real joy), I’ve been listening to episodes of Geekcast.

Web Info Leads To “Shocking” Crime
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Putting to use knowledge gained from the Internet, a Connecticut teen was arrested for attempting to shock a classmate—literally shock a classmate—with a rigged disposable camera.

Twenty years ago, this would have earned you detention. In light of certain third graders, though (among other nightmarish events), it means calling the cops.

Web 2.0 – Call It Something Else

Or should that be “Words”?

However, you cut it and define it, there’re marketers out there who do their best to make use of Twitter, Squidoo, Hubpages, MySpace, Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr, Metacafe, Youtube, Revver, forums and other social networking site (of the “Web 2.0″ ilk) to generate adsense or affiliate income.

Web 2.0 Funding In 2007 Discouraging

According to new data from Dow Jones VentureSource, Web 2.0 investments remained popular last year.  More deals took place (and more money was involved) than ever before.  Yet some of the details seem a little ominous.

Social Media Buzz Words List: Part II

Picking up on yesterday’s post on social media buzzwords explained, here are explanation for numbers 14-25, as included in our original tongue-in-cheek post. Enjoy.

Spitzer Scandal Sheds Light On Web Prostitution
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The controversy surrounding New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has shed light (a red light) on a number of underground activities. Besides government corruption and the sex trade in general, Spitzer’s use of the Internet to connect with prostitutes is exposing a huge industry with which people may not be familiar.

Or even know exists.

The online escort/call girl/"model"/prostitute scene isn’t so hard to find, though. Just use Google. If the organic results don’t fit what you’re looking for, AdWords can help, too.

Mainstreaming as a Barrier to Innovation
When you visited Yahoo!, perhaps on a blogger pass, often you would find a product manager or executive extolling their mainstream virtues. 

Every time I’d visit I’d hear that word, mainstream, and wondered if it was some derivative of their mission or boasting of begotten power. 

Yahoo! arguably was the first company to mainsteam open internet services.  A great accomplishment that began with linking elsewhere with something that made the net more usable.  Big laurels.

Bringing Web Ideas to Life

It’s funny, it’s so easy these days to become enamored and enthusiastic about a "web project" that you tend to quickly underestimate its technical plausibility.

For this I blame you, web 2.0.

Web 2.0 Mapping and Social Networks

Here’s details of an event of interest next month… Web 2.0 Mapping and Social Networks – 2008/01/23 14:18

Event Fee: Free
Web site: http://web.meetup.com/49/
Event date: Tuesday February 19, 2008 @ 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Event location: Menlo Park, CA

Description: We are thrilled to present a very special group from NASA Ames Research Center – World Wind! Our Meetup group is about sharing, teaching, learning, and networking around current and future web-based geospatial and social networking technology.

Web 2.0 Companies Waiting to go Public

At this point, we really haven’t seen a major Web 2.0 company make it through an IPO.

We’ve seen YouTube gobbled up by Google, and MySpace snagged by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. To date, they remain the companies that have truly defined success in the evolving Web 2.0 era.

MoveOn Web 2.0-ifies Itself
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More than just technology companies and marketers are taking advantage of the widget concept. Political activist group MoveOn.org has released several of them for use on blogs and open platform social networking sites like Facebook.

Marks Post Link Bait?

I recently spotted a blog post by Adam Senour over at Walk My Path. The post outlines why Gene Marks is right on certain comments from the blog post. I must say I didn’t think I would find someone defending Gene marks comments like Adam has.

Marks Misses the Mark on “Tech Solutions”

OK folks I can’t take mainstream media much longer. They are so out of touch with what is really happening online it is simply ridiculous. Take the latest offering from Gene Marks at MSNBC:

An SEO Checklist for the New Year

While many are using this time to reminisce about the year that was, here’s a simple SEO check list for those of you that are already looking for bigger and better SEO results in 2008. If more free traffic from the search engines is your new year’s resolution – then commit to these essentials:

1. Stop Stabbing in the Dark – Keyword Intelligence

Web 2.0 Could Be Bad For Business

Usability expert Jakob Nielsen warns against believing all the Web 2.0 hype when designing with the end-user in mind. While some 2.0 features can help, the majority of sites should focus on mastering the 1.0 aspects that users know and love.

The problem, as Nielsen sees it, is that companies follow too much what the hot trends are, and as a result create sites that are unnecessarily complicated or offer little benefit to the average user.

EDM and Web 2.0

One of my favorite BI bloggers, Cyril Brookes, had an interesting post today – What Does Web 2.0 Really Mean for BI’s Future?.

Web 2.0 for Event Promotion

How do you leverage a the Web and Internet marketing to promote your upcoming event? There are so many channels of distribution, the possibilities are almost endless. Here’s a checklist of what I did to promote an upcoming workshop I’m teaching at flyte called "How to Plan, Build and Promote a Business Blog."

KPCB Freezes Further Web 2.0 Investments

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers is a venture capital firm that’s played a large role in the development of companies like Google, Amazon, and Sun Microsystems.  And now the backer of these winning corporations wants nothing to do with Web 2.0.

Kleiner: Web 2.0 is So Over, Dude

So a partner at Kleiner Perkins, one of the premier Silicon Valley investment firms, has apparently told Tom Foremski of Silicon Valley Watcher that they have “no interest in funding Web 2.0 companies any more.” For Web 2.0 devotees, this is a little like King Arthur telling you he’s really not that hot on the whole Grail thing any more, and you can stop looking now.

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