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White House Speaks Out On U.S. Rejecting UN Internet Treaty

Last week, there was much rejoicing after the U.S. and other nations firmly rejected a UN treaty that sought to regulate the Internet on an international level. There’s been a lot of talk about the conference since then, but the White House hasn’t offered a statement on the conclusion of the conference until now. Echoing a previous statement made near …

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Does Free Speech Matter When The Internet Itself Is In Danger Of Breaking?

The ITU conference has one more day to go before it winds down on December 14. Until then, a proposal that would lead to governmental regulation of the Internet could be put forward despite some countries taking similar proposals off the table. The House and Senate have already publicly opposed any such outcome, and now the Obama administration is adding …

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U.S. And Allies Refuse To Sign Internet Treaty, ITU Conference Likely A Bust

We brought you word that the ITU talks in Dubai had become noticeably more worrisome in its two final days. The convention of delegates held a “non-vote vote” on whether or not the ITU would have any control over the Internet. It passed thanks to the support of less than reputable nations, but now the U.S. and its allies have …

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Majority Of Nations Cast A Non-Binding Vote In Favor Of Expanded Internet Control

The past two weeks must have been stressful for the US delegates at the ITU conference in Dubai. They, alongside their EU allies, had to convince delegates from every other nation that the ITU should not be expanded to cover the Internet. Their efforts seemed to have worked as China, Russia, and others pulled their resolutions, but those same nations …

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The US Isn’t Ready To Give Up On ITU Talks Just Yet

As the ITU talks continue this week, one of the most worrisome proposals has been shelved. The proposal in question would have allowed nations like Russia, China and Saudi Arabia more say in how the Internet is governed. Despite that concession, rumors are pointing to the US delegates giving up on the ITU conference altogether and heading home. According to …

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