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WashingtonWatch Becomes A Wiki
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America’s lawmakers are (in)famous for their bickering, but in the event that you’d like to join them – or even raise the level of debate – one site’s recent format change may help you do just that.  In other words, “WashingtonWatch.com Has Gone Wiki!”

Political Advertising Spending Grows Tremendously
If you thought Howard Dean’s efforts to rally online supporters was impressive, wait until you see what the 2008 candidates have in store for us.

According to the Washington Post, the amount spent on online political advertising has grown at a phenomenal rate.

USPTO Wiki-fies Patents, Pooh-poohs P2P
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The US Patent and Trademark Office is swamped, so they’re going the Digg.com route. Embarking on a patent review pilot project that will allow the online public to comment on patent applications, the USPTO is hoping the experts of the world will share the load.

The USPTO is not, however, that keen on P2P.

Schmidt Bores The DC Crowd

Any collection of technology-oriented folks would love to have a lavish lunch and listen to Google CEO Eric Schmidt talk about online issues; in the nation’s Capital, interest levels run a little lower.

If I were to offer you a nice lunch at a luxury hotel followed by a speech and a question and answer session with Eric Schmidt, you might be appreciative. Probably grateful.

Internet Explorer Unsafe For Most of 2006

It seems that every time Microsoft releases an update to its Internet Explorer browser, there’s a zero-day exploit waiting to be taken advantage of by hackers and identity thieves the world over.

How Can the Tech Industry Work the Political System?

Hey, maybe we should think about how the tech industry could work the political system to protect its interests. Just like the NRA does, according to this Washington Post article.

Scoble Sits with the Washington Post

I’m sitting with Dan Balz, political journalist for the Washington Post. He wrote this story of the events this morning.

FTC Wants Marketers to Know Legislation.

Copyblogger has been digging around a new statement made by the Federal Trade Commission and reported by the Washington Post.

Skype’s New Calling Plan

The Washington Post reports that Skype will introduce a plan that lets customers pay $30 per year for unlimited SkypeOut dialing to US and Canadian phone numbers.

Sex Sells On Social Networking Sites

Companies have turned to the popularity of online social networking sites to help market their campaigns.

Newspaper Sites Need More Video

To help with the transition from purely print-based operations to the online world, it has been suggested that newspapers need to have more than static text and images on their websites to keep the attention of their visitors.

Nothing New On Click Fraud

There’s a reason I didn’t blog the Washington Post article on click fraud, this past Sunday. There wasn’t really anything new in the piece and it just felt like another opportunity to keep the “the search engine sky is falling” flame fanned.

More Schools To Make Friends With Google?

Google is poised to gain yet another (small) foothold in the American educational system – Georgetown University may adopt the company’s Apps for Education. The college hopes to have a new e-mail system in place by next fall, so the change could take place relatively soon.

Pincus Punked by the Post

Mark Pincus was made an example by the Washington Post because he stuck to his principles and refused to be censored.

Red Hat Choice Academic To Colleges

The company announced a trio of universities would adopt Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Network solutions for some of their computing needs.

Google Surrenders Orkut Data To Brazil

Google is giving in to an order to share data on some of its Orkut users. The company put up a good fight, but folded as the Brazilian government threatened it with fines and penalties.

Blogs Of The Washington Post-Adolescents

Anybody with kids knows an unedited comment can fly from the little darlings’ mouths in the most inappropriate of places, making socially conscious parents sudden candidates for a Child Services interview. Toddlers are forgivable, but what happens when post-adolescents let loose in the blogosphere, only to be quoted in the Washington Post?

Washington Post Joins Paid Text Link Business

Steve Rubel (that’s Roo-bell folks) has details of a new Washington Post initiative to sell ads on blogs.

The Logic of Online Gambling Laws

A gambling website that takes bets on anything from poker to sports to celebrity news is taking bets on which of Technorati’s top 100 blogs will take the #1 spot at the end of the year. But is that legal? Well, sort of.

The Landscape of the Blogosphere

The Pew Internet & American Life Project released a new survey that looks at the landscape of the blogosphere.

YouTube Users Go Political

According to YouTube, people watch “more than 70 million videos on this site daily.” That’s a very impressive number. The “consumer media company” has been used most often to show original, homemade videos, but networks and even politicians are beginning to see its potential.

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