Ask’s Top Search Queries for the Year

Ask’s Top Search Queries for the Year

By Jordan McCollum December 18, 2007

We’ve seen Yahoo’s most popular queries this year; we’ve seen Google’s.

Pics from PubCon
The last day of WebmasterWorld’s Pubcon is literally a gathering in a pub. This is the genesis of how Pubcon was started, an informal gathering of members from WebmasterWorld.

The Great Social Retailing Invention

Social networking is so popular online that it’s spilling into the physical world – at actual stores. Called social retailing, the concept debuted at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) show last January 2007. Recently, the concept, by IconNicholson was selected by Time Magazine as One of the Best Inventions of 2007.

Visualization and Buying

Visualization risked becoming another one of those clichéd words through the 90’s, because it was used by every self improvement guru as a path to success.

Problems with Google Blog Search

Lisa Barone writing in the Bruce Clay Blog was kind enough to mention a thread I started over at the Cre8asite Forums suggesting that the Ask.com Blog Search was filling a Google vacuum.

Positive Face Time Equals Good Branding

The more I dig, the more I’m convinced that a big part of a brand’s success is the quality of its customer touch points, specifically, the face to face ones. Consider this overwhelming evidence:

The more emotion there is in an experience, the more vividly we remember it. It’s known as imprinting. So if we have very positive or very negative experiences, we remember them longer and more completely.

Bonnie Brown On Massaging Google Geeks

Bonnie Brown was working as massage therapist at Google from 1999 to 2004. Before that, she ran a private school for 10 years. Now, Bonnie is traveling and also wrote a book called Giigle: How I Got Lucky Massaging Google. I met up with her on Google Talk (the transcript below has spellchecking and punctuation added).

Blogspot Blogger: Google Did Less than Required

In a recent court case against Google, it was decided that a Blogspot blogger from the US may keep her anonymity, considering free speech protection rights.

Former Google Masseuse Tells Her Story

Bonnie Brown worked as a masseuse with Google Inc right from the early days, and struck gold when Google went public in 2004.

Does AdWords Hurt Organic Rankings?

Perhaps more so than ever since there was a leaked screen shot of a search result screen showing internal "GG Scores" that assess the value of an organic result, observers/punters have speculated (for reasons I can’t fully fathom) about the negative impact on your organic rankings that might come from advertising on paid search.

News Corp. Showing Classmates.com Success Path

Rupert Murdoch, chair of News Corp., is buying Dow Jones & Co, the publisher of the Wall Street Journal for $5 billion. Yesterday he announced that he’s ending the subscription model for the WSJ.com website (which many deem a success).

Microsoft Building Photo Sharing Service

I was tipped off to an interesting job posting by Microsoft posted on Friday regarding upcoming efforts to create a photo sharing service that will compete with Flickr, Smugmug and other internet based photo sharing sites.

Making Yahoo Visible
If you think of Yahoo, what springs to mind?

Online Retail Growing but Not Winning

Online retail sales are growing by all accounts—but, paradoxically, this is somehow translated as a negative for the industry, indicating that it’s “immature.”

MSN Jumps on Analytics Train

From the adCenter Blog:

Dallas Cowboys Return Cowboys.com Domain Name

Last week I spoke about SEO, Search, and Domain Names at the TRAFFIC domain name conference, held in Hollywood, Florida.

Yee-hah! Dallas Cowboys Clueless On Domains
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Poor Jerry Jones, first his ‘Boys get curb-stomped by the Patriots, then it turns out the attorney representing them at a domain name auction has no idea about the starting or ending price.