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Time Warner To AOL: See Ya?

AOL may be ready to be sold or otherwise separated from the Time Warner corporate apparatus, and one potential purchaser springs to mind immediately (Hi Google.)

Google, YouTube Face Potential Opposition

Dick Parsons, Time Warner CEO & Chairman, revealed in a British newspaper that the company will continue to pursue copyright infringement complaints against YouTube. This is the first potential pitfall for Google, who acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion on Monday.

Google’s New Master Plan

Like many other multi-billion dollar corporations, Google has long since based its commercial pursuits on a singular, master plan. The company’s vision, it seems, is on the verge of major restructuring.

Google to Offer Free Music Videos

Google along with Warner Music Group and SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT have come to terms on an agreement today that will provide users with access to an expansive library of streaming music video content.

Warner Hugs YouTube, Starts Talking Gibberish

YouTube didn’t just get a mammoth deal with Warner Music Group. The video-sharing site got schooled in how to talk in press release, and what to call its new intellectual property inspector.

Google Dials AdWords Onto Mobiles

The Japanese testing of AdWords on mobiles proved successful enough that Google has quietly debuted the service in the US. Do a mobile search using Google and something completely unexpected may appear.

Warner Bros Presents Digital Ads

The long-time Hollywood power will expend some energy to focus on short-form marketing content destined for the Internet and mobile phones.

Time Warner Pimping Out AOL Europe?

AOL is the talk of Speculation Town across the Atlantic as buzz circulates that Time Warner is looking to unload its European arms to the highest bidder. British newspapers are reporting that Citigroup, acting on behalf of Time Warner, is in negotiations with possible suitors.

Time Warner, Others To Pay $23M Settlement

Accusations of fraud and improper accounting practices at AOL led to lawsuits against Time Warner in 2004 because of their effect on pension and investment funds in Pennsylvania.

BitTorrent, Warner Bros In Summer Of Love

The file sharing BitTorrent system landed its first major Hollywood studio customer, as Warner Bros agreed to distribute movies and TV programs using BitTorrent’s technology.

Body Snatchers Invade AOL

AOL subscribers continue to jump ship like seaborne lemmings as Time Warner reports the ISP lost over 3 million customers last year. A string of disappointing years totals to 8.1 million lost subscribers since 2002.

Time Warner Cable Thinking TV Ad Auction

Once Time Warner spins off its Cable division, the cable company may offer advertising spots placed within on-demand programming through an auction process.

Time Warner Cable Eyes Google-Style Ad Auction

This whole ad auction thing is taking off. Though Verizon denied that its Yellow Pages auction was inspired by Google or other search engines, Time Warner Cable had no qualms admitting AdSense as the inspiration for possible cable ad auctions.

DOJ Interested In Digital Music Pricing

Subpoenas for more information from the major music labels are arriving from the Department of Justice, with industry sources claiming DOJ has opened a new investigation into possible industry collusion on prices.

Enhance Time Warner By Breaking It Up
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Investor Carl Icahn wants to see Time Warner split apart into four companies, and for it to buyback some $20 billion in stock from the market.

Skype Gets Warner Ringtones

Warner Music Group Corp. today announced it will make available master recordings from WMG’s roster of recording artists as ringtones to the more than 74 million registered users of of eBay-owned VOIP service Skype.

MSN Search Adds 1 Million Instant Answers

The MSN Search blog reports that they’ve added about a million new instant answers, those fact boxes that appear atop search results, giving you quick access to good facts about whatever you’re searching for.

Spectrum of Corporate Social Media

Dan Mitchell’s What’s Online column in the NY Times highlights the grey area of the Business Blogging Wiki:

Warner Hears The Music From Spitzer

Steve Jobs isn’t the only one concerned about pressure from the major music labels over music download pricing; New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer has sent Warner Music Group a subpoena about the issue.

Dont Sue Me, Just Pick Up The Phone

Three companies control the reprint rights to about 80 percent of the world’s song lyrics, or so says Warner Chappell’s Jay Morgenstern. If that’s the case, then it should be relatively easy to license the reprinting of those lyrics and avoid the Music Publisher Association’s threats to take action next year against websites that post song lyrics.

Google Deal For AOL Finalized

It’s a done deal, as Time Warner accepted the $1 billion bid from Google for a 5 percent stake in AOL, who had been poised to accept an offer from Microsoft before Google’s late push. Google gets its content provider, and AOL gets a spot in Google’s far-flung ad network.