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Warner Music Videos Returning To YouTube
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YouTube and Warner Music have kissed and made up, according to new reports.  Or at least, Warner has agreed to make its music video catalog available through YouTube again, and the two organizations have reached a deal concerning how they’ll share revenue.

YouTube, AP, Hurting Fair Use
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“This is what it’s come to,” writes the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Fred von Lohmann. “Teenagers singing ‘Winter Wonderland’ being censored on YouTube.

Bronfman, Warner Music To Internet: Gimme
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Music tycoon Edgar Bronfman, Jr., would like to bundle a fee into your Internet access in exchange for unlimited access to music.

Warner Inks Two New Mobile Content Deals

Earlier today, Warner Music Group disclosed that it had reached new agreements with two leading mobile operators to distribute mobile music content throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

Warner Hugs YouTube, Starts Talking Gibberish

YouTube didn’t just get a mammoth deal with Warner Music Group. The video-sharing site got schooled in how to talk in press release, and what to call its new intellectual property inspector.