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CBS Picks Up Dotspotter
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$10 million could buy a lot of stuff – cars, recliners, you name it.  Or it could – and apparently did – buy one celebrity gossip site.  The $10 million came from CBS, and went to Dotspotter.

Podcast Expo: Wallstrip Creator Gives Insight
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The New Media is so, well, new, success within it – taking your idea from the computer screen to the Big Dance that is Old Media – brings throngs of listeners eager to hear how you did it, and how they can do it, too.

CBS Does Last.fm Buy For $280 Million

One of the most popular music-oriented social networking sites has been snapped up by CBS, in the latest of its online media acquisitions.

CBS Snaps Up Wallstrip

Wallstrip is a Web video show that, through its mix of “stock culture meets pop culture,” is closely associated with Wall Street.  Now it’s also associated with CBS – although those two names aren’t so similar, CBS has just acquired the company for an unspecified amount.

CBS Snaps Up Wallstrip
CBS Snaps Up Wallstrip
CBS Snaps Up Wallstrip

The Future of Video – Now

We are in PR. We know the medium is the message, and people love videos. PR has used video news releases and satellite media tours to great results – I always had great returns on SMTs, and think that they were great hits for the clients. But, we ran into some problems there, didn’t we.