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Stonhenge Function May Have Been Discovered

The mysteries surrounding Stonehenge have baffled scientists for a very long time. Who built them? Why were they built? How did they even manage to get the stones to the spot? Aliens? Druid priests? All of these questions have been burning holes into peoples brains for centuries. Teams of archaeologists from the universities of Sheffield, Manchester, Southampton, Bournemouth and University …

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Google Maps To Add English, Welsh Waterways

Google is preparing to add 2000 miles of additional travel routes to the map for the British Isles, specifically, Wales and England. While these waterways, like the River Thames, for instance, are already visible on Google Maps, they aren’t included as travel routes. To accomplish this goal, Google is working with the Canal River and Trust organization, which will identify …

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St. David’s Day Honored With UK Google Doodle

Today, Google is celebrating St. David’s Day with a fun little Google Doodle featuring a red dragon holding a daffodil. Both of these images are recognized as national emblems in Wales. St. David’s day is celebrated in Wales as the feast day of the saint, who is the patron saint of Wales. The holiday falls on March 1st of every …

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