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Wal-Mart Warns Sites Not To Leak Black Friday Ads

Wal-Mart is threatening legal action against some Web sites that may release its Black Friday ads in advance.

Wal-Mart Gets Into The Broadband Business

Wal-Mart plans to begin reselling satellite based broadband from Hughes Communications.

Wal-Mart Ends Phone Option For Online Customers
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Wal-Mart is taking a step backwards when it comes to online customer service. The retail giant said it would no longer offer its customers the choice of being able to speak to a customer service representative if they have problems with an order.

Wal-Mart Launches DRM- Free Downloads

Wal-Mart said today that it is launching "DRM-free" MP3 music downloads. Single tracks will be 94 cents a piece and a whole album will sell for $9.22.

Wal-Mart Hawks Wares On Facebook

What’s the one thing Facebook was missing?  Well, in my opinion, it wasn’t Wal-Mart’s official presence.  But like it or not, there is now a sponsored Wal-Mart group on the social networking site.

Wal-Mart Brings Customer Reviews Online
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Wal-Mart today said it is adding customer reviews and ratings on its Web site.

Wal-Mart To Offer Skype Hardware

Retail giant Wal-Mart has teamed with Skype and will start selling Skype Certified hardware in their 1,800 locations throughout the U.S. In addition consumers will have access to headsets, webcams and handsets that are compatible with Skype along with pre-paid cards.

Wal-Mart To Offer Movie Downloads

When it comes to pure, unadulterated retail, there are few stores that do it any better than Wal-Mart. The company has made a reputation in offering consumers a one-stop shop for everything from cereal to motor oil.

Edelman, Karma’s Not Just For Earl Anymore

Fortunately, for all things pure and noble, this new free marketplace of ideas works as a circle – what goes around comes around eventually. Wal-Mart and Edelman, meet your blogospheric comeuppance, served with a side of cold irony.

Blog integrity is important

If you don’t disclose you’re being paid to blog, you’re gonna create a mess, like Edelman and Walmart did.

Wal-Mart, Edelman Flogged For Blog
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A travel blog featuring a couple traveling the country by RV and camping in Wal-Mart parking lots turned out to be a fake, its pro-Wal-Mart message backed by the Edelman PR firm.

Edelman, Rubel Respond On Wal-Mart Flog

A long week of commentary after news of the Wal-Marting Across America blog’s real backers and bloggers became known has finally elicited responses from top man Richard Edelman and company VP/A-list blogger Steve Rubel.

Wal-Mart Screws Up Two Campaigns In A Week

So, apparently, it seems Wal-Mart needs to go ahead and fire whoever’s working on their online marketing campaign. Two separate aspects of the campaign have been blasted in just a week. One angered parents, the other was exposed as a fraud.

Wal-Mart Aims For MySpace Crowd

The Hub will be the retailing giant’s online attempt to win over the online teen crowd and bolster its flagging fortunes in the hotly competitive apparel market.

Wal-Mart Tries To Patent The Smiley

Many prognosticators have foreseen a great war–a battle for world domination. These soothsayers have named Wal-Mart, Google, and Starbucks as the most powerful of the behemoths that will be involved. And in a move that is not likely to ensure victory, or even confer an advantage, Wal-Mart is staking out a powerful claim by attempting to patent the humble smiley.

Wal-Mart Enlists Bloggers, New York Times Goes Off

The New York Times manages to make a huge story from the fact that some bloggers apparently “cut and paste” whole sentences sent to them by Wal-Mart and other companies.

Walmart uses bloggers, NYT says

Walmart is starting to use bloggers, this New York Times article says.