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RIM’s “Wake Up” Campaign Reaches A Stirring Anti-Climax

You may remember the peculiar “WAKE UP” marketing stunt pulled by BlackBerry maker Research In Motion about a week ago in Australia. If not, here’s a quick refresher: a big black bus emblazoned with the phrase “WAKE UP” on the side pulled up outside an Apple Store in Sydney and disgorged a crowd of black-clad protesters who stood outside the …

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RIM Admits Responsibility For “WAKE UP” Campaign

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion has admitted that they were behind the “WAKE UP” protest outside a Sydney, Australia Apple Store last week. Initial reports linked the campaign to Samsung, which will be unveiling their Galaxy S III smartphone at the end of this week. Samsung, however, denied responsibility. Further digging into the source code for the campaign’s Wake Up …

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RIM May Be Responsible For “Wake Up” Flashmob

Last week we brought you a peculiar story about a flashmob protest that took place outside an Apple Store in Australia. It seems that a group of black-clad protesters pulled up outside the store in a black bus with “WAKE UP” emblazoned on the side and stood outside the store holding black “WAKE UP” signs and chanting “WAKE UP.” At …

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Samsung Disavows “Wake Up” Flash Mob Campaign

You may recall that yesterday we ran a story about a flash mob that showed up outside an Apple Store in Australia. The group, dressed all in black, stood outside the store chanting “Wake Up,” holding black signs that said “Wake Up,” and arrived in a black bus with “Wake Up” emblazoned on the side. Interestingly, the group gave no …

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Samsung Hires Flash Mob To Protest Outside An Apple Store

If you’ve seen many Samsung commercials, you’ve probably noticed a common theme: Samsung has a bit of a… fascination with Apple. The company can’t seem to release a commercial that doesn’t take at least a subtle (and usually a not-at-all subtle) shot not only at Apple but at Apple’s fans. Back in January Samsung released a commercial in which a …

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