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Taraji Henson Talks “Empire” Character And Fashion

Taraji Henson has an amazing sense of style off-screen and is always on point. But, Taraji Henson’s character on the immensely popular show, Empire, is even better at taking fashion risks and winning. Taraji Henson recently told W magazine that people love Cookie and her fashion sense because she’s familiar to many. Taraji Henson said of her character, “They want …

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Amanda Seyfried Talks Sex Scenes

Amanda Seyfried is no stranger to sex scenes. Throughout her acting career, she has filmed scenes with Channing Tatum, Justin Timberlake, and even Megan Fox! In the April 2014 issue of W Magazine, Seyfried opens up about her experience filming romantic scenes and gives all of the juicy details. What fans really wanted to know was what it was like …

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Amanda Seyfried Discusses Sex Scenes In Her Films

Over the course of their Hollywood careers, may actors and actresses are forced to do sex scenes in their films, and while some find it incredibly uncomfortable, some of them enjoy it. Amanda Seyfried admits that she is one of the ones who actually enjoys the scenes on film where she gets to make love with her co-stars, and she …

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Amanda Seyfried Talks Kissing Session With Megan Fox

Amanda Seyfried is a workaholic, plain and simple. She even admitted it herself. In an interview with W magazine, Seyfried said that she has trouble going on vacation, and when she does go somewhere to get a little rest and relaxation, she can’t seem to enjoy it. “I was at a resort, and I thought, ‘I should be loving this, …

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Miley Cyrus Tells Us What She Wants In A Guy

Miley Cyrus had a very public breakup with former fiance Liam Hemsworth, and now that she’s single she says she’s very particular about what she wants in a guy…and what she doesn’t want. The 21-year old sat down for an interview recently with W Magazine–which she posed nude for on the cover–and talked about kids, parenting, and how to impress …

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