VON Organizer Pulver Media At Risk

VON Organizer Pulver Media At Risk

By WebProNews Staff March 29, 2008 | 12 Comments

Influential VoIP advocate and conference organizer Jeff Pulver may have hosted his last VON show, as rumors of the demise of Pulver Media started to spread.

Web Video: Bad Is the New Good

Bad is the new good. That seems to be the consensus of a handful of media executives trying to wrap their minds around this Web video thing. Where’s the control? How do we monetize it? When did low quality become high quality? How do you connect cheese to a carburetor?

So You Think You Want To Be A Vlogger

If you’re establishing and promoting a video blog (vlog), then there are a few key people to talk to about it. One of those is Rocketboom’s Andrew Baron. WebProNews publisher Rich Ord caught up with Baron, and others, at VON 2006 during the “You’ve Got Video” session to find out how to set up a successful vlog.

Is There Any Money In Peer-to-Peer?

YouTube pays nearly $1 million per month in bandwidth fees, a 7 figure deterrent to some interested in the business. A digital movie seller may only break even, as per-download bandwidth scrapes away at profit margins. There is a growing camp, though, that believes peer-to-peer (p2p) technology can address these barriers.

Web-to-TV: A Star Is Born Every Second

It won’t be long until, if you so choose, that you can be a TV star, even if your show only shows up on a handful of sets. The technology is already in place to stream user-generated content onto the television screen, and scores of visionaries are working to make that a broader reality.

VON: Andrew Baron Rockets In

Rocketboom’s stormy breakup with host Amanda Congdon captivated the blogosphere. Baron started over with a new host, Joanne Colan, and arrived at Fall 2006 VON to talk about his view of the nascent online video industry.

VON: IM The State Of Presence

Instant messaging technology received a panel’s attention during pulvermedia’s Fall 2006 VON conference, as reps from the heavy Internet hitters discussed presence and its place at the core of IM with voice communications.

First Made-For-Internet Movie To Premiere

The first made-for-the-Internet, “theatrically budgeted” movie will premiere on AOL this Halloween, AUTOMATIC producer Adam Shapiro told the attendees at this year’s VON. Shapiro was part of a roundtable discussion about film and TV on the Web and how we get there.

VON: Exploding Television

BuzzMachine blogger and media critic Jeff Jarvis brought his wit and style to the Fall 2006 VON conference in Boston. Tech news followers likely remember Jeff Jarvis from his beastly encounter with Dell customer service…

VON: How Web-Video Impacts Online News

At VON 2006, Caroline Little, CEO and Publisher, Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, spoke of the role Web-video would play in online news, as well as the viral aspects of the new medium, as media converge to form a new style of storytelling.

VON: Film, TV Incorporate The Net

“Snakes on a Plane” became the latest film to capitalize on the power of the Internet to build buzz, and it won’t be the last film to do so.

Pulver-izing the Keynote at VON

Jeff Pulver assured the VON crowd during his keynote address that they were witnesses to the next great disruption. Video on the Net will change what we do, how we do it, and the drumbeat of the “digital popcorn,” as he called it, will one day attract the tapping foot of the FCC – just like TV.

VON: Here Comes Internet Television

Veoh CEO Dmitry Shapiro seems as philosophical as his title is poetic. Speaking at the Video on the Net Conference in Boston, an extension of VON, Shapiro begins with the printing press and ends with “democratized Internet television.” In due course of course, this changes everything.

VON: Ted Leonsis Is Really Happy

AOL’s vice-chairman spoke at the Fall 2006 VON conference about the Internet and the future of video online. He thinks video is just beginning a strong move into being a prominent feature of online life.

VON Asks Bill Gates What’s On His TV

Think you’d like to watch TV at Bill Gates’ house? No, you wouldn’t, according to Shari Barnett, Director of Media Services, Microsoft TV – unless you consider physics fun. During a morning session at VON, Barnett revealed Gates’ TV habits.

Stay Tuned for News from VON 2006

iEntry Inc. CEO Rich Ord and WebProNews Managing Editor Mike McDonald descended on Boston last night to attend the annual VON conference – but not for what the ten year old conference is known for. They’ll be attending the new VON, or video-on-the-net.

VON And The Tuesday Dress Code

The Fall 2006 VON conference begins this week as VoIP competition heats up and the efforts of small firms and major Internet players gather plenty of interest in the field.