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Spring Break Vacations Spent Swinging Hammers

While many undergrads indulge in drunken, half-naked debauchery this spring break, others are finding their only “vice” in the word “service”. Groups of college students across the country are doing the latter from their ladders this year via Habitat for Humanity, as they spend their vacations volunteering. But Hannah Cane of St. Joseph’s College doesn’t consider it “work”. The Campus …

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California Earthquake And Japan’s 3 Year Anniversary

So, California had an earthquake Sunday. Earthquakes aren’t really “news” for the Golden State. They’re just a natural event that happens because these huge slabs (called tectonic plates) of rock below our feet are constantly playing a game like Jenga, where sometimes the edges slip and crack. That sends off these waves we occasionally end up feeling. California just happens …

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