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Sabina Altyunbekova Too Pretty To Play? Kazakh Volleyball Player Dazzles The Internet

A 17-year-old girl from Kazakhstan has created for herself and for her sport an unusual stardom through her looks and social media. Her name is Sabina Altynbekova. Her sport? Volleyball. And her fans number in the thousands. “They came in …

Erin Cox, High School Senior, Punished for Being Designated Driver
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Many adults often complain about future generations of children, saying they are immature and do not understand responsibility. While this may be true, there could be an external reason as to why kids struggle with making decisions. Two weeks ago, …

Sam Wopat: Athlete’s Mysterious Death Has Shocked Stanford Campus
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Shock and grief have shrouded the Stanford campus since school officials announced on Monday that sophomore Samantha Wopat passed away. She was just 19. Wopat, who excelled in sports and was one of the nation’s best volleyball players during her …