VoIP Articles

Skype Throws 1.4 Into the VoIP

Skype tossed their new version 1.4 for Windows into the VoIP on Thursday. The newest version offers some keen new features for the Internet communications firm and should push the envelope further for competitors as well as make eBay stockholders grin slightly.

VoIP Gets 911 Extension From FCC

Providers like Vonage that have over 90 percent of their customers notified of 911 limitations won’t have to disconnect customers.

News Corp Looking For Search, VoIP

Rupert Murdoch told analysts in Manhattan he expects to have VoIP and search engine capabilities for his nascent Internet empire “within weeks.”

VoIP Users May Face Spam, Viruses

Mass adoption makes a technology a greater target for exploitation, and VoIP will be no exception.

Microsofts Qwest For VoIP At Hand

Software titan Microsoft and the telecommunications wizards at Qwest Communications announced their partnership today to offer desktop based VoIP services aimed at small and medium sized business. This makes a powerful entrance into the VoIP arena for Microsoft and a strong team member for Qwest.

Vodafone Not Threatened By VoIP

The world’s biggest revenue generator in the mobile phone sector has no plans to block VoIP on its network.

VoIP Telephony: Is It the Right Fit for You?

Voice over IP is the new buzz, but not easily understood by the masses yet. Here we break down the fundamentals so consumers can determine if it is a good fit for their telephony needs?

China Telecom Cracks Down on VoIP
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China Telecom, the country’s biggest telecommunications operator is trying to put a stop to VoIP use in the country as long-distance revenues fall.

Skype, Tom Swiftly Make China VoIP Deal

China represents one of Skype’s top three global markets with over 3 million users of its service.

Microsoft Targeting End-of-year For Skype Demise?

Making a PC-to-phone call from one’s PC will be integrated into MSN Messenger by year’s end.

MSN Purchases VoIP Capabilities

There are a number of ways to inform the public of your business. Two of the more popular ways being used by Internet-related companies deals with either a large online and offline marketing campaign, which is usually astronomically expensive. The second, and seemingly more preferred method uses more of a viral approach.

Microsoft Buys Place At VoIP Table

The Windows maker has purchased privately held San Francisco-based Teleo, a VoIP provider.

Intel and Cisco Plan To Better Wi-Fi and VoIP

At Intel’s Developer Forum in San Francisco last week, it was announced that Intel and Cisco have entered a new partnership dealing with the improvement of Wi-Fi security and roaming and VOIP support.

FCC Floats VoIP 911 Deadline

Frantic pleas from AT&T and other VoIP providers have convinced the FCC to move its August 29 deadline for 911 service acknowledgements to September 28.

Classmates, VoIP, And Collegians Focus Of Advertisers

The top three advertisers in terms of impressions for June 2005 delivered over 10 billion ads to viewers.

VoIP 911 No Joke

Tens of thousands of VoIP customers may face losing their service Monday for failure to comply with the guidelines of the Federal Communications Commission regarding 911 emergency.

Intel and Cisco Aim to Improve Wi-Fi and VOIP

At Intel’s Developer Forum in San Francisco, the company announced that it has entered a new partnership with Cisco, in which the companies will work to improve Wi-Fi security and roaming and VOIP support.

VoIP Stealing Thunder from Fixed Connections

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has released a new report forecasting the doom of the fixed-connection phone industry.

PGP Creator Developing Secure VoIP Phones

Phil Zimmermann has been developing a prototype application designed to encrypt voice calls made over the Internet.

VoIP Service Provider A vs. VoIP Service Provider B

While doing research on the Internet, I realized that most people are absolutely confused when it comes to selecting a VoIP or broadband phone service provider.

Vonage, AT&T Rank Above VoIP Providers

A study by Keynote gives those two firms top marks in reliability and audio clarity, respectively.