VoIP Articles

AOL AIMs For VoIP Market

As AOL loses subscribers by the boatload, the company says it’s on “offense” as it plans to launch a VoIP feature for it’s 41 million member strong AIM instant messaging service.

What’s New With Free VoIP Providers

What you should know before signing up with a voice over IP provider.

Converting Skype Voicemail to MP3

I discovered a neat trick with Skype voicemail – how to convert a phone message from Skype’s proprietary audio format into an MP3 file which you can then use in other applications or share it with others.

VoIP Growing, But Not Grown Up Yet

Though awareness of Internet telephony services is significantly higher in the US and Britain for 2005 than the year before, VoIP still has a ways to go for capturing the attention of women and late adopters.

Making VoIP Perform as Advertised

The promise of lower cost has motivated many enterprises to move their voice traffic to the enterprise IP wide area network (WAN). Many have discovered, however, that Voice over IP (VoIP) quality does not always meet business use standards.

Corporations Smackdown Users On Web Services

Security fears over viruses, bandwidth hogging, and the terror of violating government regulatory laws have prompted big business to put the squeeze on their staffer’s needs.

Yahoo Sings Praises Of Messenger With Voice

The portal company launched version 7.5 of its Yahoo Messenger with Voice client along with pricing aimed at undercutting eBay-owned rival Skype.

Google Beefing-up Google Talk with VoIP Deal?

Mark Evans has news of a deal between Google and VoIP Inc, which will provide Google with internet telephony services.

VoIP Inc. Quiet On Google Talk

The VoiceOne Communications unit of VoIP Inc. signed a pact with Google in September 2005, and Google began implementing services from the company the following month.

Bill Clinton Spends Time in Redmond?

Rumors are always abound all over the place. It could be your cousin is seeing someone a little older than they should be. Maybe your brother got a speeding ticket no one was supposed to know about. Or perhaps a former president of the United States might be considering a job at the top of a tech company.

Google Rates A Lawsuit Over VoIP

Rates Technology sued Google in October over the Voice-over-Internet-Protocol component in Google Talk, but Google’s investment in AOL could render that moot.

VoIP Small Business/Home Business Advantage

Small businesses, home-based businesses, and self-employed individuals have been turning to internet telephone service (also called broadband phone or VOIP) in droves.

Voip in the Enterprise – a Tip

Lately I’ve been checking into the merits of Voip, in particular services offered by vonage, skype and the like.

Microsoft Calls MCI For VoIP

Microsoft plans to implement VoIP calling in the upcoming version of Windows Live Messenger and have partnered with MCI to deliver the service.

Yahoo Hearing VoIP Ringtones

It looks like Yahoo will finally make greater use of the technology it received when it acquired VoIP firm Dialpad, and launch a VoIP competitor to Vonage and Skype.

Killing Skypekiller FUD

As a long-time user of the Skype internet phone service, I read with more than passing interest about SkypeKiller, an application that’s designed to remove the Skype software from your computer.

VoIP – A Laymans Look – Should You or Shouldnt You?

So what’s all this VoIP hype anyway? I mean we all know that our voice can be delivered to the four corners of the globe over telephone lines.

United Online Joins VoIP Arena

The company plans to offer free computer to computer calling, and five tiers of computer to telephone call pricing topping out at $14.95 per month plus international call rates.

Microsoft Adds To VoIP Repertoire

As part of their latest online initiative for extending Microsoft services to the masses through Windows Live and Office Live, the software giant announced their acquisition of Swiss software company media-streams.com to offer voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) for office communications.

Japan Preps Fast, Cheap Mobile VoIP Network

The Japanese government will roll out mobile Voice over Internet Protocol and blazing 15Mbps connections by 2007.

AT&T Has 911 VoIP Fix

The FCC has been pushing VoIP providers to ensure their customers know the limitations of 911 availability over their service, and AT&T now has one solution to a VoIP 911 issue.