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ISP Wiretap Day Arrives

May 14th signals the deadline for Internet service providers to be compliant with the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA).

VoIP Gaining On Landlines

As broadband penetration continues to grow, so will other services such as voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and Internet protocol television (IPTV).

Vonage Awaiting Last Rites From Verizon Jury

A verdict is expected by tomorrow as to whether or not Vonage owes Verizon nearly $200 million in patent infringement penance, and almost $5 per customer in royalties. If so, Verizon blasts a very large hole in an already sinking ship.

Google Phone Inches Toward Reality

The newest discussion of a Google-branded wireless device suggests a Blackberry-like gadget with VoIP capability comes from ex-Macromedia chief architect turned venture capitalist Simeon Simeonov, as he fuels the Google Phone rumor blaze.

Will Google Speak Up On VoIP?

The search advertising company has laid a lot of groundwork for what could be a dramatic entry into enabling voice over Internet telephony communications, but will they pull the trigger?

Microsoft & Nortel Unveil BizCom Roadmap

Last July, Microsoft and Nortel announced a strategic partnership in order to develop innovative methods of business communication by focusing on integrating voice, e-mail, instant messaging, multimedia conferencing and other forms of communication.

Will Skype’s Pricing Put Its Growth On Hold?

Skype, an Internet communications company, is now offering U.S. and Canadian customers a paid annual subscription service that will allow registered users to make unlimited to any phones located within the U.S. or Canada.

Microsoft Ready To Dominate VoIP

Usage of Voice over Internet Protocol technology should start to rise at the business level, as Microsoft opened a private beta of its Office Communications Server 2007 for testing.

Skype Dialed Into Google Pack

Google’s assortment of software for computer users now includes Skype, eBay’s multi-billion dollar VoIP acquisition, as an option alongside Google Talk.

Is Skype the new SmartTag?

I had dinner with Ajit Jaokar, CEO of Futuretext, a publishing company that publishes tech books like Mobile Web 2.0 and Russell Shaw, a prolific blogger (he writes a VoIP blog over on ZDNet, but also has political blogs and other blogging jobs over on Weblogs Inc, among others).

Cut Your Business Overhead With VoIP
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Business expenses play a significant role in impacting company profits and keeping these costs in line is crucial to the long term success of any venture.

SIP protocol

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a protocol that initiates and manages interactive user sessions involving voice, video, instant messaging, and other such multimedia sessions.

Pay Attention to Gartners Hype Cycle

IT industry analysts Gartner published their 2006 hype cycle for emerging technologies this week – their predictions on what they think will be hot technologies in the near future, and what won’t be.

Is There Such A Thing As Free VoIP Service?

When VoIP was first introduced over the Internet, most of the programs available offered free VoIP services. Ah, the good old days. Unfortunately, those days are gone and nowadays many of these services are no longer free; but are still offered at a very minimal monthly fee.

Telcos Slash Prices In Response to VoIP

The popularity of voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) telephony services is pushing the telecommunications industry to cut prices as customers jump ship for cheaper voice services.

VoIP For Small Business: A No Brainer
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Over the past ten years, the market for VoIP has been driven by a number of factors, chiefly the promise of inexpensive voice communication.

FCC Approves VoIP Tax
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The Federal Communications Commissions unanimously agreed that voice-over-Internet-protocol (VoIP) services had to pony up to Uncle Sam just like every other phone carrier.

VoIP Advantages and Pitfalls for Small Businesses

If you’re just starting your business you may not have an office with a dedicated phone line, which can be an expensive hassle.

Wii’ve Got A Price and Wiimote VoIP
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We have news and a rumor regarding Nintendo’s latest incarnation, Wii. It will come reasonably priced for the gamer market, according to the company’s US financial report. And it just may be that the Wiimote will be VoIP enabled.

VoIP Choices Ringing Off The Hook

Skype, Microsoft, AIM, Yahoo, Lycos, all of those companies have or will have options for doing phone calls from the computer; at stake is the biggest prize of all – keeping a person using a given provider’s other services.

Windows Live Messenger Offers VoIP

Microsoft will partner with Verizon to deliver PC to phone calling services as part of Live Messenger’s new features being made available in the public beta release.