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Google Voice Gets New Free VoIP Service

Earlier this week, reports surfaced indicating that Google had bought Gizmo5, a VoIP firm. The news came just on the heels of Google’s AdMob acquisition. Google has now officially announced that it has indeed acquired Gizmo5.

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eBay Sells Skype, Which is Worth $2.75 Billion

Update: The announcement has been made. Some details from the press release:

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Skype Rolls Out New Features For Mac Users

Skype has released a new version of its VoIP software for Mac users.

The new version, Skype 2.8, allows callers on Skype to share what is on their screen by calling another Skype users and showing all or part of their screen to the other person.

"Screen sharing is all about bringing people closer together and having conversations around what people want to share," said Neil Stevens, Head of Consumer for Skype.

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Skype for iPhone Officially Available

Update: Skype says:

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Skype Launches Beta Service For Businesses

Skype has announced a beta version of its calling service for business users.

The new service, called Skype for SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) allows workers to make calls with traditional telephones, instead of a headset hooked up to a computer.

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Skype Making Mobile Deals

Nokia and eBay-owned VoIP service Skype announced a deal today. Skype will be integrated into Nokia devices, starting with the N97 series.

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Is eBay Looking to Unload Skype?

Rumors have been circulating that eBay may be interested in finding a suitable bidder for VoIP service Skype. eBay hasn’t exactly come out and said this, but people love to chitter chatter. Times Online reports:

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Hackers Focusing On VoIP Accounts

Hackers are in the early stages of targeting voice-over IP telephony accounts according to one VoIP equipment maker.

Private information, including usernames and passwords from VoIP phone accounts are being sold online for more than stolen credit cards Newport Networks says. The information lets hackers use the telephone service for free.

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Yahoo Dials In Jajah For Voice

VoIP service Jajah benefited from Yahoo’s strategic shift as the recipient of the outsourcing of Phone In and Phone Out premium voice services for Yahoo Messenger.

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FCC Hanging Up On Skype Open Access Request

The same type of open access rule that was added to the recent 700MHz spectrum auctions won’t be imposed on current spectrum, as Skype hoped it would.

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VON Organizer Pulver Media At Risk

Influential VoIP advocate and conference organizer Jeff Pulver may have hosted his last VON show, as rumors of the demise of Pulver Media started to spread.

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