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Elephants are Acute Listeners of Human Voices

The 1967 Disney classic, The Jungle Book, provided the American populace (and unfortunately the Republican party) with one of our most favorite adages: “An elephant never forgets.” Despite championing this particular phrase multiple times throughout the movie, the writers also …

Trulia Voices Sounding Strong

Trulia deals in real estate search, but it recently launched a forum (or “social media platform”) known as Trulia Voices.  Curious as to how the project’s coming along?  Luckily for you, Trulia has provided a “71 day pulse check.”

Will it blend an iPod?

I love “Will it Blend?”

YouTube’s Huge Marketing Success

Brad Baldwin of Rocky Mountain Voices was hanging out with me and told me about this story.

Countries Blocking Blogspot

Ethan Zuckerman asks “what do India, Pakistan, China, and Ethiopia have in common?”

Blueprint Ethics Code For The Profession

One thing I’ve frequently commented about in this blog is ethics in the communication profession. Or, rather, about the lack of an authoritative and cohesive voice that speaks on ethics on behalf of the profession.

Do You “Do” Voices?

When you write an article, is it all about you? Your thoughts, your insights, your opinions, your voice? Or do you include other people’s voices in the form of interviews and research?