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Google, Avaya Partner To Give Apps A Voice

When Google Apps Premier Edition was released yesterday, it became the subject of more than a few news stories. Expect to see another round of them once a new deal between Google and Avaya bears fruit. Avaya has promised to integrate “communications” – e.g., voice – with Google Apps.

Microsoft Ready To Dominate VoIP

Usage of Voice over Internet Protocol technology should start to rise at the business level, as Microsoft opened a private beta of its Office Communications Server 2007 for testing.

EuroBlog Survey for 2007

Last year’s EuroBlog 2006 survey gave an overview of who in the communication profession in Europe is using blogs and for what purpose.

List Of Winners From The Vloggies

OK, I have a complete list of winners from the Vloggies up now – the big winners was Alive in Baghdad (they got the only standing ovation of the evening).

The Sound Of Your Blogging Voice

“To gain your own voice, forget about having it heard. Become a saint of your own province and your own consciousness.”

Wikiality: The Voice of The Crowd Is a Whisper

The Wisdom of Crowds idea is a beautiful and elegant theory, despite any Aristotelian reservations you may have about the masses. Internet visionaries have applied the concept as a slogan for the participatory Web, and a deathblow to elitist information dissemination. Only problem is, only the elite are participating.

Live Voice Communication Comes to Second Life

“The line between the virtual and physical worlds is becoming thinner every day. As more complex interactions take place in virtual spaces, better communication is essential.”

Voice Of The Customer And Focus Groups

The ‘Voice of the customer’ is a tool or process of gathering customer input about the proposed or existing services or products depending on the situation.

Coupons and Customers: Blog Jam 2006

Eked out two more posts for Fast Company’s Blog Jam 2006 before it came to a close.

“Hidden Voice of Wired” Passes Away

This weekend, the Valley lost a sharp journalist and a good man. Bill Goggins, a former editor at Wired Magazine, died while running the San Francisco Marathon this Sunday.

Microsoft, Yahoo Update Messengers

Late news from Yahoo reveals a new beta of their instant messaging client with plugins and a developer kit, while Microsoft ties its debut of Windows Live Messenger to Johnny Depp’s forthcoming ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ sequel.

Google Talking Voice Recognition?

Senior Google executives are dropping big hints that the company’s future growth will come not just from PCs but from voice recognition services over mobile cellular phones and cars.

VoIP Choices Ringing Off The Hook

Skype, Microsoft, AIM, Yahoo, Lycos, all of those companies have or will have options for doing phone calls from the computer; at stake is the biggest prize of all – keeping a person using a given provider’s other services.

New GM Blog Launches

General Motors launched a new blog Wenesday, the FYI Blog. In an introductory post, GM’s director of new media, Michael Wiley…

‘Blogswana’ Gives Voice To AIDS Fight

For Curt Hopkins and Brian Schartz, a meeting between U2 rocker Bono and President Bush doesn’t go quite far enough to highlight Africa’s ongoing struggles with HIV/AIDS. What is needed, they say, is a view from the inside, utilizing the point-of-view power of the weblog.

Google Granted Voice Recognition Patent

eWeek’s reporting that Google has been granted a patent for technology that would allow you to conduct a search using your voice.

Google Lends Voice To Search

There is a better way to perform a search query on Google via a mobile phone than tapping a lengthy string of numbers, and that would be by speaking normally to the search engine.

Promptu Gives Mobile A Voice In Search

Voice-activated search and navigation company, Promptu, recently released a technology for voice search on mobile phones, allowing wireless subscribers seek out and purchase available content by speaking.

The Deep Voice From Inside Microsoft

is not some evil spirit.

Yahoo Sings Praises Of Messenger With Voice

The portal company launched version 7.5 of its Yahoo Messenger with Voice client along with pricing aimed at undercutting eBay-owned rival Skype.

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Maryam and I are at the Northern Voice conference.