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Give Google Your Voice. Literally.
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Google has launched personalized voice recognition for voice search on Android 2.2 and higher. If you’ve used Google’s voice search much, you probably know how inaccurate it can often be. This feature should (theoretically) help with this. 

Google will get to know your voice and understand it, and your search queries will become more accurate. Google’s Amir Mané and Glen Shires explain:

Google Unveils Cantonese Voice Search

Thanks to a new product launch, as many as 65 or 70 million people should now find conducting Google searches from their mobile phones a much less difficult process.  This week, Cantonese Voice Search debuted in Hong Kong.

Voice Actions Come to Android
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Google has launched a new Android app for version 2.2 (FroYo), called Voice Actions. The app lets you speak various commands to engage various functionalities of the phone.

With Voice Action, you can initiate the sending of text messages, listening to songs, calls to businesses or contacts, emails, web surfing, and more.

Google Expands Maps Navigation and Voice Search Into More Countries/Languages
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Google announced today that it is launching Google Maps Navigation in 11 new countries. These include Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland.

Google Maps Navigation is Google’s GPS navigation system, and this would be version 4.2 of the service. It works on Android devices 1.6 and higher, and provides turn-by-turn voice guidance as a free feature of Google Maps.

Yellow Pages iPhone App Gets Voice Search
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Voice search is one of the more convenient features of phones these days (at least when it works). AT&T Interactive has launched the latest version of its Yellow Pages app YPMobile, and it comes with voice search, which should make the app a great deal more useful.

Searching Bing By Voice from Your Phone
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Back in 2007, Microsoft acquired Tellme Networks, the company that provides the Tellme service, which is a technology that allows mobile users to "get what they want" on their phones with their voice.

Bing Emulates Google’s 411 Service
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Today Microsoft announced Bing411, which is essentially voice search powered by Tellme. This can be accessed at 1-800-BING-411 or 1-800-246-4411.

Google Maps For Mobile Gains Voice Search
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Carefully weigh how much you dislike typing on cell phones against how much you want to keep private whatever you’re researching.  Then, if you dare, check out the new voice search abilities connected to Google Maps for mobile.

Microsoft Testing Mobile Voice Search

A leaked .cab file reveals Microsoft is working on a Bluetooth-enabled voice search application for Windows Mobile.