VloggerCon Articles

88SLIDE: One-Minute Trivia Podcast

88SLIDE: the daily one minute trivia challenge is one podcast that I catch every day. It’s a one-minute game show … and I love game shows. Total gameshow junkie. Always have been. Plus, a total useless data / information / trivia junkie. I coulda been a contender on Jeopardy. But, was always too lazy.

Where Were the PR People at Vloggercon?

The past weekend – not the last one, but the weekend before – I went to Vloggercon.

Intel Covers VloggerCon

Intel was at VloggerCon and interviewed a bunch of people, including yours truly. You’ll get a hint of some of what I’m thinking about. How do I get the video from my HD camcorder to your computer without going broke?