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IBM Completes Acquisition of Vivisimo IBM Completes Acquisition of Vivisimo

In late April, we reported on the intention of IBM to acquire Vivisimo, a software designer focused on data analytics and data management software. Although the financial terms still have not been revealed, IBM announced earlier this morning, the acquisition …

IBM Acquires Vivisimo and Advances Data Analytics IBM Acquires Vivisimo and Advances Data Analytics

IBM has hammered out a definitive agreement to acquire Vivisimo, a software provider to big business and enterprise analytics. The acquisition brings IBM enterprise customers a data management solution that facilitates understanding from a broad spectrum of data and that …

Vivisimo Taps Remix Clustering For Search

A new patent pending technology for the firm behind Clusty.com introduces what they are calling “Clustering 2.0″ to search results.

Clusty Remixes Search

Search engine Clutsy has a new clustering technology to help you find more information related to your search.

They already have a folder of subtopics relating to your search topics. Now there is a small link near the folders with related topics that says, “remix.” Click it and you’ll see more related searches or clusters.

Clusty Mobile Is Made Available

I’m always suspicious when a company claims to have made its product or service available for mobiles.  Is the new version different than the regular offering?  And is it something I’d even want to access from my cell phone?  In regards to Clusty Mobile, a search site, the answer to that first question is “yes.”

Big Brands Clueless On Site Search
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Visiting the website for a major consumer brand should lead people to a useful, easily found site search if desired. Vivisimo’s VP of Marketing, Rebecca Thompson, gleefully mocked several big name brands for their unimpressive site search efforts.

Vivisimo, Gigablast Snare FirstGov Contracts

Vivisimo’s partnership with MSN has led to it receiving one of three Blanket Purchase Agreements from the GSA.

Add Vivisimos Clustering Technology To Your Site

If you run a site that features a great deal of content, having an effective site search function can be a deal breaker for visitors and for potential customers.

Vivisimo and LookSmart Partner For Clustering Search Feed

Vivisimo, provider of clustering and meta-search software, and LookSmart, a leader in search, announced in the industry’s first clustering search feed, which will dramatically improve click-through rates and increase revenue generation capabilities for Web sites.

Vivisimo Ranked Second Most Popular Search Engine
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In a study done by About.com, who polled a focus group of 181 men and women between the ages of 20 and 64, found that metasearch engine Vivisimo tied with Yahoo for the second place in popularity with a score of 4.6 out of 5.

Website Submission: Just the Facts
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Search Engine Traffic Breakdown

Over 90% of US search engine traffic is driven by Yahoo! or Google owned search technology – source: Search Engine Watch. Additionally Ask Jeeves owns around 5% of the traffic. You may hear the names of many other search engines, but most of them are powered by the above search engines in one way or another. For example, Yahoo! owns Inktomi, AltaVista, and AllTheWeb. All three of those search engines are powered from the same database as Yahoo! Search. A few meta search engines also drive a decent amount of traffic.

Vivisimo Grabs the eBay Mop and Bucket

Vivisimo is boldly going where no leader in clustering and meta-search software has gone before.