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Mammoth Browser Showdown

InternetWeek is running an 18-page showdown by Ed Bott, Scot Finnie, Dennis Fowler, and Ron White of the four hottest web browsers: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 1.5, Opera 9 and Maxthon.

Truveo May Be Key To AOL Video Sales

Time Warner’s AOL recently purchased Truveo.com, a video search site that opened its virtual doors to the public in September 2005; only three months later the startup became part of AOL and may be the enabling mechanism behind its forthcoming video store.

Demonstration: Visual Data Analysis

As a follow-up to a recent webinar, Tableau Software is hosting a demonstration outlining the possibilities of visual data analysis.

Creating a Windows Explorer Clone with Complete Shell Browsing GUI in your Visual C++ MFC Application with Shell MegaPack Active

Any developer who has ever wanted to provide file/folder browsing or file-selection functionality in his own application knows the utter lack of simple, extensible and customizable MFC components for this purpose.

Microsoft Visual Studio, SQL Server Out Nov. 7

At its European Tech Ed conference, a Microsoft keynote speaker announced the launch date for some new products.

CDs, Visual Memory, and Digital Music Subscriptions

While waiting for someone to show up to a meeting, a few of us were chatting about music. Greg was playing a selection from his “music that’d scare you about the rest of my music collection” (or something like that).

Microsoft Releases Newest Visual Studio and SQL Server

Microsoft announced availability of Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2, Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Beta 2 and the SQL Server 2005 April Community Technology Preview (CTP).

HP and Infinity Broadcasting Make Radio Visual In the U.S.

HP and Infinity Broadcasting announced they will work together to deploy Visual Radio to U.S. listeners.

A Visual Look at “Inter-blog-dialogue”

My colleague, Meredith Topalanchik, today coined a new word that describes how word spreads – inter-blog-dialogue.

Microsoft Details Visual Studio Release

Today, Microsoft revealed details about the upcoming release of Visual Studio 2005, complete with price information and target release windows.

Design Matters in Our Visual Culture

First impressions often leave lasting impressions. Impressions also result in people’s perceptions. There goes that age-old debate — “Perception versus Reality.” I say that perception is someone’s impression of reality. And sometimes… no matter what is reality, you just can’t change people’s perception of a situation or thing.

C# Numerical Library

The IMSL C# Numerical Library is the only mathematical and statistical library written in 100% Microsoft Visual C# .NET for complete compatibility and scalability with the Microsoft .NET Framework.

Microsoft Releases Flexible Development Tool

Microsoft Lays Out Visual Studio 2005 Product Line and Unveils Latest Data on Rise of .NET as Premier Enterprise Solution, Signaling Wave of Opportunities for Corporate Developers and Partners in Visual Studio 2005 Time Frame.

Xamlon Beta Brings Together XAML and Microsoft Visual Studio.NET

Xamlon announced today a new beta release of its cutting-edge development tool, Xamlon.

Site review: CARFAX.com

CARFAX (http://www.carfax.com) specializes in selling vehicle history reports on used cars. After spending some time browsing around the site, I’ve identified three major areas in which the site could be improved.

The Powerful Sales Letter Visual Impact Technique!

Imagine sitting down at your computer, and with a few keystrokes, creating a stronger sales letter that immediately captures your prospects attention, creates a visual image in their mind of them having great success with your product, and then gets them so fired-up about your offer that you nearly close the sale in two or three paragraphs. In a moment, I’ll show you exactly how you can do this for your sales letter.

Beginning Resource Files in Visual Basic

Have you ever wanted to use graphics, such as icons, bitmaps, cursors, and AVI files? How about sound or even message box text? This can be an enormous amount of overhead. These are all examples of more files to keep track of when you distribute an application, DLL, or OCX. Lets find out how resource files can help….

Using Network Functions in Visual C#.NET (Part II – Group Functions)

Welcome to the second installment of articles on how to use Platform Invoke to manage users and groups using Visual C#.NET (Click here to read Part I).

Monitoring a print queue from Visual Basic.Net
· 1

Although the VB.Net printer handling has improved immeasurably over that offered by Visual Basic 6 there is still a need to turn to the Windows API in order to monitor a print queue.

Take A Visual Trip To Your Golden Place

Ah, traveling to the Golden Place. A veritable visual voyage. How lovely it is going to this beautiful, magical place where you can just relax and forget about your cares…

Damashi Peer Review – Visual Design Problems

The biggest problems with the Damashi web site are visual. (And the fact that I couldn’t access the shopping cart due to 404 – Object Not Found errors.) The site contains a distinct market niche of which the owners are clearly experts. The products are logically organized, and combination specials are displayed when a user views either of the components. Normally I am not in favor of alphabetical listings of products, but in this case the listing is not overwhelmingly long enough to make a negative impact.