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Vista Beta Testers Mad About Startup Sound

Folks testing Microsoft Windows Vista have been emailing me today complaining that in Vista the startup sound that goes off everytime the OS starts up will be forced.

Vista To Embed Windows Live Services

Looks like Microsoft is going the very dangerous route of embedding links Windows Live services in Windows Vista.

Death of the Command Line

It’s hard for me to imagine using an OS without a strong command line. Even Microsoft has recognized the for that with their Monad Shell ( though they are at least temporarily removing that from Vista).

Developer: Windows Vista Is Not Ready

High-level Microsoft executives may be in for more of what they don’t want to hear. After one developer says what many were thinking, those inside Vista development fulfill their own prophecy. Vista’s not ready.

Microsoft Details Vista Upgrade Paths

While there has been some worrying, the news is in: If you have any version of Windows XP or Windows 2000, you will be able to get a cheaper upgrade version of Windows Vista.

Preparing For Windows Vista

Windows Vista is the next major operating system release from Microsoft. This highly anticipated release not only has many new and exciting features but Microsoft have also improved the graphical user interface and given it a new visual style.

Download Windows Vista

Neowin is reporting that Windows Vista is now available for public download. Go get it!

Avalanche P2P May Be In Vista

Microsoft has been quietly developing its BitTorrent alternative in the UK, and the announcement that Windows Vista-equipped laptops with built-in WiFi will be able to do peer to peer connections could indicate its pending arrival in the marketplace.

Microsoft Says Vista Is On Schedule For Release

After delaying the release several times, Microsoft now assures the world that Vista will meet its slated launch date of January 2007. Vista represents the first major overhaul in five years for the venerable Windows operating system. Windows is used on about 90 percent of the world’s computers, and its sales account for about one-third of Microsoft’s total revenue.

Microsoft May Limit Employees’ Admin Rights
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Due to one of the new features in Windows Vista, many Microsoft employees may have their administrative privileges taken away. Most of the people employed by the software giant currently have full admin rights on their desktop PCs, but this is unusual state of affairs for a corporation. The change would be made to improve security.

Ballmer Whispers Of Vista Delay

The consumer version of the much delayed Windows Vista operating system may be pushed past its planned January 2007 launch date.

Vista System Requirements, Upgrade Advisor

Microsoft has announced the base minimum system requirements to run Windows Vista.

User Account Control Getting Refined (and better)

The User Account Control blog explains some of the changes to be expected to UAC in Windows Vista Beta 2.

Microsoft May Delay Vista Again

A two-sentence post from research firm Gartner has caused some uproar in the technology world, as Gartner researchers claim Microsoft will miss its release of Vista by three months, pushing it back into 2007.

Vistas RSA SecurID Support Kicked Down A Notch

ZDNet reports that Microsoft has canceled plans to include RSA SecurID tokens in Windows Vista, a two year old goal that never quite worked out.

Vista Delay Story With Little Evidence

There’s been a lot of press on a Gartner Research report that predicts Windows Vista will be delayed three months.

Vistas Aero Glass Inside Applications

Tim Sneath explains to application developers how they can build applications that use Aero Glass inside the client area.

New Windows Vista Build: 5365

Microsoft has released a new build of Windows Vista. Here’s some stuff:

Another Viewpoint

David Weiss posted a great virtual tour of the Mac testing lab in Redmond.

Make XP Media Center Look Like Vista
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Green Button community member CM_MC has created a theme for Windows XP’s Media Center that gives it some of Windows Vista Media Center’s stylings.

Whats In The Vista Versions?

A briefly available Windows Vista Product Guide revealed some interesting things about the coming operating system, some of which Ed Bott is blogging. In his first post on the guide, he runs down the differences between the various Vista versions you can buy.