Vista Articles

Edelman is Taking Over Windows Vista Account

PR Week is reporting that Edelman is taking over the Microsoft Windows Vista account.

Windows Vista Picture Clearing Up

Two stories that have been making the rounds over the weekend:

Vista Search Takes on Google

At this week’s Digital Life expo, WebProNews got a firsthand look as Microsoft unveiled Windows Vista. With desktop based search functionality, Vista could give Microsoft the ability to challenge Google for supremacy.

Vista On Schedule Says Microsoft

The long-awaited operating system to replace Windows XP should reach customers as expected by Microsoft.

Vista Rolls Out At Digital Life

The WebProNews crew hit the Ziff Davis Media Digital Life conference at New York’s Javits Center and cast some digital media from the opening keynote back to the mothership.

RC2 Review Bodes Poorly For Vista

The timely release of Microsoft Vista hinges, in large part, on the performance of Microsoft Vista Release Candidate 2.

Vista RC2 Released; Delays Still Possible

Windows Vista is, after many delays, taking a noticeable step forward.

60,000 To Install Vista On Launch Day

It’s been many months, so you may have forgotten, but Windows Vista is going to have a bit of a strange rollout.

Linux Options Omitted From Vista Survey

It’s either the Microsoft way or the highway for computer users according to a survey about the economic impact the Vista operating system could have in Europe.

Windows Vista Shortcut: Windows + Number

Windows Vista features an easy shortcut to your first nine Quick Launch programs. Just hit the Windows key on your keyboard (the one with the Microsoft logo) plus a number.

Hacking The Vista Screensavers

Long Zheng has posted instructions for changing the options in the screensavers that come with Windows Vista RC1.

Bill Gates Donated To Charity

Here’s a roundup of a few Windows Vista news items:

What’s The Better Value: Vista or Mac OS?

There’s a lot of confusion going around. Chris Pirillo acts like Windows Vista Ultimate, at $400, will be what most users pay, and that Mac OS is much cheaper.

Would XP AND Vista be a Bad Move?

In a word: Yes.

Vista Leader Exploring Amazon Instead

Microsoft senior vice president of the Windows Core Operating System Division, Brian Valentine, departed the company after 19 years and just a few months short of Vista’s announced launch date.

Vista Ready For Tablet PCs

Microsoft has announced pricing and features for the Windows Vista operating system, including which versions will be suitable for Tablet PC users.

Vista Enters Crunch Time

Todd Bishop writes about a podcast done by Sven Hallauer, director of release management for Windows Vista.

Latest Windows Vista Builds Get Praise

This post by Rob La Gesse isn’t the first time I’ve heard that build 5536 rocks, but it’s the most convincing that I might be wrong about Vista not being ready by November (which is when it needs to be finished by).

Windows Vista RC1: What A Wonderful World!

Oh, thank the gods! Just as I was getting really mad at my computer and its diminishing returns, Microsoft delivers 100,000 quick thinkers, including myself, Windows Vista Build 5536, the Pre-RC1 build.

Vista vs. Leopard Poker Showdown

So Apple has given us a taste of Leopard while almost certainly withholding some features to hit Microsoft with later this year or early next.

Windows Vista Pre-RC1 Build Available Now

Microsoft has put up Windows Vista Build 5536, the pre-RC1 build, available for download. To install it, you’ll need a valid product key, like from Vista Beta 2.