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The Great PR Screw-up

The phrase “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” seems to be an appropriate idiom to describe a developing kerfuffle surrounding Microsoft’s latest blogger outreach campaign ahead of the launch of Windows Vista at the end of January.

Edelman Clarifies Vista Giveaway

The angst of bloggers who admitted to receiving choice AMD laptops loaded with Windows Vista received an injection of drama as PR firm Edelman has now asked for the goodies to be returned or given away after being reviewed.

UK Vista And Office 2007 Launch Tour

Just noticed on Ian Moulster’s Blog that from Monday 22nd to Friday 26th January the Microsoft UK developer team will be touring the country to bring the story to many organisations of all types.

Vista And The Frankenbuild Monster
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Adventurous people have found ways to workaround the activation system used for Microsoft’s new operating system, and the company has been forced to deal with the problem only a few weeks before Vista launches in the consumer market.

Allchin’s PCs vs. Macs Rant

Jim AllchinWindows Vista Team Blog : Setting The Record Straight. Jim Allchin responds over on his blog regarding a recent news report quoting him as saying that he would have bought a Mac if he weren’t working for Microsoft in an email to Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates.

Global Release Date for Windows Vista

If knowing the precise date when Windows Vista will be released to the world at large is important to you, mark January 30, 2007, in your diary now:

Windows Chief Allchin: Id Buy A Mac

An exhibit in an Iowa antitrust case against Microsoft had this tidbit about Jim Allchin, the longtime chief of Windows development:

Vista To Be More Generous Than Santa

Once Microsoft Vista gets into the marketplace, it will benefit the economy and drive job creation in the tech industry; no word on whether it will whiten teeth and freshen breath though.

TWiT talking about Windows Vista

Heheh, I’m glad I’m not the only one (thanks Parand Tony Darugar) who has gotten addicted to using the “J” and “K” keys, thanks to Google Readers.

Is IE7 Really that Bad?

Stuart Mudie and Derek Torres are co-authors of The Unofficial Guide to Windows Vista, a warts-and-all look at the new Microsoft operating system, that is due to be published by Wiley early next year.

Take Advantage Of Vistas Powerful Search

The Windows Sidebar team blog has a tip for getting the Vista Sidebar Slideshow Gadget to use images based on a search, rather than all the images in a specified location. The trick is to take advantage of Vista’s powerful search functionality (which regrettably, is hidden and handicapped in the Vista Explorer UI) to get the Gadget to use a virtual folder (known as a saved search) as its picture source.

New Vista Sidebar Gadgets

I’m always on the lookout for Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets (since the number is low, and the Gadgets hard to find), so here are a few more from Tom at Cener:

Zune Released, PS3 Failure, Vista and more

The Zune came out today, as well as news that Microsoft is paying Universal Music $1 per Zune sold, in order to get Universal’s music in its Zune music store. Looks like the music industry and the mafia aren’t so different after all

The Vista sound

I’m sure it drives many of the geeks crazy in the industry that so much attention is being paid to four little notes.

Vista Vouchers to Entice Holiday PC Buyers

Microsoft recently announced an Express Upgrade Voucher that will allow consumers who buy Windows XP PCs a less costly upgrade to Windows Vista when it’s released at the end of January.

And Vista Has Great Packaging Too!

I don’t want to be a gigantic wet blanket or anything, but looking at the top of Techmeme right now makes me despair for the future of the human race.

Much Anticipated Vista Released to Manufacturing

As Microsoft Windows Vista (Build 6000.16386 “061101-2205″) is released to manufacturing (RTM) today – a significant milestone for Microsoft and its partners – anticipation is building around that all-important question:

Vista Ultimate Extras

One of the major unanswered questions about Windows Vista is what exactly Vista’s Ultimate Extras will be.

Microsoft Tries User-Friendly Vista Terms

Licensing terms for the Vista operating system had been crafted in a manner that drew the scorn and derision of PC enthusiasts who wanted to be able to move a Vista license from one piece of hardware to another.

How Bad is Windows Vista Home Basic?

Yes, Windows Vista Home Basic is not the world’s greatest operating system. Unlike XP Home, the cheapest version of Vista is actually missing a lot of things Windows enthusiasts will consider necessities.

Windows Vista Blog

It’s funny, I totally missed the Windows Vista blog’s new design cause I read all about it in Google Reader and on TechMeme. I posted several items about it to my Link Blog.