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Just How Rich Are Those YouTube Guys?

Exactly how much money it took to make YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen giddy as the schoolboys they are in this Google acquisition announcement video? Google’s latest SEC filing shows it’s roughly equivalent to the gross domestic product of Djibouti.

Top Web Properties For December 2006

comScore Networks, a digital measuring firm has released a report on the top Web properties for December, ranked by unique visitors and who the biggest gainers were for 2006.

Worldwide Internet usage increased 10 percent from December 2005 to December 2006. In the search category the top three sites that have the largest global audience grew 9 percent. Google the number two site worldwide increased visitors to their site by 13 percent.

Still Banging Your Head Over Browser Resolutions?

If so, you’re not alone. Three of the current top discussions at Cre8asiteforums are on the topic of web page resolution.

Can Your Site Influence Your Visitors to Buy?

There is a way to influence consumers online particularly on your e-commerce website.

Too Many Icons can Distract Your Visitors

Because of the popularity of Digg, Del.icio.us, Netscape and all the other social sites out there, social bookmarking buttons have been taken to a whole new level.

Some MyBlogLog Tools

MyBlogLog has been growing leaps and bounds since it’s launch about 6 months ago.

Death of the Page View?

Fred Wilson predicts the death of the page view in 2007 as a key metric for web businesses.

How Can I Attract More Visitors To My Site?

Dear Kalena…

Identifying the MDA for Optimized Site Pages

Identifying the MDA for Optimized Site Pages

What Matters in Behavioral Ad Targeting?

Size of Your Segment and Network Reach.

Visitors Value Video Viewing Variety

A survey by AOL and AP found that 54 percent of Internet users have watched or downloaded a video clip.

Robert Scoble the Ultimate Connector

Poor Robert Scoble, he’s a little concerned he may have lost his Scoblizing powers. Here’s what he said at his blog…

Measuring Visitor Engagement and Behavior

Are you Measuring Visitor Engagement and Behavior?

Using Landing Pages to Turn Visitors into Buyers

When a prospective client uses the internet to search for a product, he or she usually types a keyword or a phrase into a search engine and uses the results to find what he or she desires. If your ad is among those listings, you therefore have a much better shot at having prospective clients visit your website to find out what information you have, and what you are offering.

Conversion Optimization: Picking Up Where SEO Leaves Off

Search engine optimization (SEO) gets them to the site. What they do (or don’t do) once SEO has done its job is up to the site owner or designer.

Visitors Skim – Why to Use Blog Summaries

As a web developer, I think that one of the easiest pitfalls to run into is assuming that the content on your page is as interesting to your readers as it is to you.

By What Measures?

In the old days, circa Web 1.0, most online marketers measured the success of a Web site with a few different metrics.

Business Not Producing? Stop Guessing and Find Out Why!

It seems each January that many small businesses (especially online businesses) sigh as they wonder why their company is not producing and what to do about the situation.

Microsoft Exposes Google AdSense Scheme

Mistyping a URL in the address bar of a browser can lead to a ring of traffic-stealing “typo-squatters” that ripoff the AdSense for domains system at the expense of Google and its advertisers.

Off Topic Searches: Low Return Visitors

I know you’ve had some cheap visits to your blog. You know what I mean. You happen to mention some celebrity in passing, as sort of an analogy to your day’s blog post.

What Do You Look For When Tracking Your Visitors?

Many online entrepreneurs are increasingly realizing that tracking & analysing their traffic can make all the difference for their business. In simple terms, trying to market your business online without tracking your visitor is like trying to drive a car in total darkness.