October Marked First Decline For Twitter Visitors In A Year

October Marked First Decline For Twitter Visitors In A Year

By Frank Reed November 13, 2009

Before you read any further just lean back and take a deep breath. You are about to enter the “Research Zone”. You know the place well. It’s where we give you shocking numbers that someone has come up with using their “methodology” and it is then used to create shocking headlines around the Internet for your reading enjoyment. It’s almost like having an informant who whispers something in your ear then you get to blab it all over the place and set the masses running.

NYTimes.com Traffic Booms After Dropping Select

One has to wonder what kind of traffic and ad revenue the New York Times gave up while its Times Select subscription model was in place.

IndiaTimes.com Exposes Visitors To Malware

Visitors to the Web site of the IndiaTimes.com were exposed to malware, according to a ScanSafe advisory.

Compete: Biggest Gaining Sites Share Content

In analytics firm Compete’s measurement of the top 50 domains by unique visitors in September, five of the ten top gainers involve some type of content sharing.

MySpace And Facebook Visitors Drive Time Spent
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U.S. Internet users between the ages of 12-17 who visit both MySpace and Facebook spend more time at each site than those who visit just one or the other according to Nielsen//NetRatings.

Yahoo Tops Google In August

comScore Media Metrix released today its monthly breakdown of U.S. consumer online activity at popular online sites for the month of August.

Web Analytics – Know Your Numbers

Web analytics play a crucial role in building a high performance web business. Whether it’s basic site statistics like unique visitors, page views or sessions, analytical data like click paths or funnel abandonment or campaign performance metrics like cost per lead/sale, conversion or value per visitor, knowing your numbers help define your next steps for growth and improvement.

However, besides the greatest hurdle of web businesses actually taking the time to become aware of their numbers, there is also the concern with the numbers being accurate.

comScore Releases Top Sites For July

comScore Media Metrix released today it’s monthly look at U.S. consumer online activity at popular online sites for the month of July.

Engagement Leads To Record News Site Traffic

For news publishers, more is better, especially in an era of declining print. Lately, more users are reading more news, spending more time on news sites, and visiting more frequently.

Google Tops Global Unique Visitors List

ComScore disclosed its latest figures for worldwide online properties and found Google sites topping the list for May 2007.

How Visitors View Websites

When planning and improving a website, it is important to know how people view websites. Knowing this will help you to design your site in such a way, that people will be able to find and do what they want on your website.

How to describe visitor behaviour?

Before changing the site layout, it is important to understand the nature of human behaviour on the website. It helps that certain known patterns apply to human behaviour, such as:

Truveo Hits (Almost) 40 Million Visitors

If, as Compete suggests, 20 million visitors is the "magical mark" indicating a website has officially arrived as a dominant force – most recent additions to this exclusive club include Digg.com and Facebook – then the folks behind AOL’s Truveo video search engine must have exchanged their old wands for Super Deluxe models.

Local and Social Sites Swiping Big Media Visitors

In the last year, social media sites and local news have been pulling visitors away from traditional online news and media sources, according to Hitwise. Regardless of where online media consumers end up though, they begin with a search engine.

Partial Feeds Don’t Lure Visitors
Conventional wisdom tells us that if you publish partial feeds, people will click through to your site to read the rest of your story. The truth is that it just doesn’t work out that way. FeedBurner’s VP of Publishing Services, FeedBurner’s Rick Klau, noted last week:
YPN Stops Displaying Ads to International Visitors

Yahoo! is trying to get its act together with regard to click fraud. The first fall out of Yahoo!’s efforts is banning of foreign site visitors from YPN ads. Yahoo! is intent on restricting internal ad frauds by barring visitors from certain countries from viewing the ads.

Major Media Explores Web 2.0

In the past week, USA Today has jumped into the water of Web 2.0 by adopting a social media platform to allow readers and editors to begin having a conversation. This is yet another significant benchmark in adoption of social media. USA Today is a well known media outlet that services a nationwide audience:

Per the USA Today media kit

SMM and My Couch

Once a upon a time there were 6000 search engines that were free, you submitted pages to them, you could battle for rank by tweaking meta descriptions and title tags, hit refresh, toast your triumph and call it a day.