Google Glass May Come To Optometry Offices

Google Glass May Come To Optometry Offices

By Chris Crum November 22, 2013 | 4 Comments

Google is reportedly in talks to create prescription lenses for Google Glass, and get them in optometry offices. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the company has been talking to VSP Global, a vision benefits provider, about doing so, …

A Big List of Blogging Mistakes

Here’s the final list of the 48 blogging mistakes from the partecipants to the blogging project started by Daniel at dailyblogtips.com. There’s also my entry, the blogging mistake I did for 25 years … but they changed my catchy title :(

Gord’s Caffeine-Fueled Vision of the Future

This week, for some reason (largely to do with thinking I could still handle caffeine and being horribly wrong), a number of pieces fell into place for me when it came to looking at how we might interact with computers and the Internet in the future. 

Building Somebody Else’s Vision

I had an interesting issue come up with a client recently.

Bringing Your Retail Vision to the Web

For retail people, for many small business owners, they have a vision of the web site that they really hope to see, but have problems then translating from their vision to the details that technical folks need so that the vision can be realized.

Google’s Neven Buy Prods Conspiracy Theories

Neven Vision has been absorbed into the secretive bowels of the Googleplex, and Neven’s background in biometrics used by the government and law enforcement has prompted whispers of possible implications of the acquisition.

Neven To Face Google Picasa Challenge

Google has acquired Neven Vision and its image recognition technology, which will be incorporated into the Picasa photo organizer.

Where 2.0: Yahoo’s Local Search Vision

Paul Levine from Yahoo! was at Where 2.0 discussing what Yahoo!’s up to with local.

J2EE Seen In Oracle’s SOA 2.0 Vision

A combination of Java Enterprise Edition 5, aka J2EE, and Oracle’s Project Fusion middleware components will build the service-oriented architecture (SOA) of Oracle’s future.

Coca-Cola Blog for Worldwide Employee Survey
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The Coca-Cola Company is using a blog as a communication channel through which the 55,000 employees of the global company can provide their views on Coca-Cola’s vision, mission and values.

Gartner vision for technology includes AJAX…

Gartner’s vision for the next decade regarding information technology was recently presented at the CeBIT event.

Riya Facial Recognition Search Site to Launch

Riya is a powerful new photo search site with an interesting broader vision: to make it easy to find every digital photo in the world.

Microsoft To Unveil Midsize Business Vision

Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer will speak to over 300 midsize business customers and their Microsoft partners at the Microsoft Business Summit 2005.

Yahoo Bets on Citizen Journalism

Over the past few months Yahoo has been recruiting a slew of veteran online journalists.

Creating A Vision For Your Business

The basic premises of designing an effective vision are as follows. You must believe there is always a better way.

Sharps New Toy: Double Vision LCD Screen

It would appear Sharp’s getting sharper as they go with the introduction of their new species of LCD panel that would allow TV viewers to view two different programs, depending on whether you whether you sat on the left of the right.

Painting A Vision for the Future of E-Paper News

Vin Crosbie paints his vision of the 2010 newspaper, seeing a portable, wireless and flexible electronic paper devices that streams enhanced RSS feeds…