Viruses Articles

New Viruses Target Wireless Communication

In what is being termed as a “potential epidemic,” virus writers are planning on targeting attacks at mobile communication devices.

Phishers, Email Viruses Exploit Tsunami Disaster

Adding insult to injury, virus writers and online phishing scammers have started exploiting efforts for the Tsunami aid for malicious means.

Internet Security: Most Believe They Are Safe From Online Viruses

The AOL and NCSA Online Safety Study – conducted by technical experts in the homes of 329 typical dial-up and broadband computer users – found that most computer users think they are safe but lack basic protections against viruses, spyware, hackers, and other online threats.

Enhancing Exchange Security

These days, it seems as if it’s almost impossible to do business without having access to an E-mail account. Because of this, Microsoft Exchange has quickly become a mission critical application for many businesses.

Windows gets tough on spam, viruses

Microsoft on Monday will detail a future version of Windows that will make it easier to detect and isolate viruses.

Most Common Viruses According To SARC

Viruses are becoming more and more prevalent everyday (as if you didn’t already know that…). This being the case, I decided to compile a list of the most common viruses according to SARC (see below), along with links on detection and removal procedures for each. It seemed that having this information in one place could be very helpful for those of you that have to deal with these viruses.

Avoiding Spam, Scams and Computer Viruses

One of the most popular pages on about-the-web.com is about avoiding scams, hoaxes and urban legends on the Internet (http://about-the-web.com/shtml/scams.shtml). Here are a few ways to avoid some of the perils associated with being connected to the rest of the world.