Virus Articles

German Virus Sobers Up Email World

The world of SPAM began speaking with a distinct German accent after this weekend, as email inboxes are flooded with messages, most of them with Nazi rhetoric in the subject lines.

Mobile Phone Virus Appears In US

Users in Twenty countries have reported outbreaks of the Cabir virus, which spreads from phone to phone.

AOL IM For Windows Virus In Wild

An innocent looking link sent to you over AIM could have your PC downloading a virus.

Fake Windows Security Update Really Virus
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There is an e-mail scam going around that appears to be a message from Microsoft warning Windows users of a security update which turns out to be a virus.

Mabir Virus Aggressively Targeting Mobile Phones

A variant of the Cabir mobile virus, called Mabir, has been targeting mobile phones using the Symbian Series 60 operating system. Mabir is capable of spreading via Bluetooth or by a phone’s messaging service.

Apple OS X Virus Contest Cancelled

A contest to develop a virus capable of infecting Apple OS X has been cancelled. DVForge.com, makers of a number of accessories for the Apple family, sponsored the competition.

Mobile Virus Spreads Through Bluetooth and MMS
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There is a new mobile virus called Commwarrior that uses both Bluetooth and multimedia messaging services (MMS) to spread itself to other phones.

Mobile Phone Virus Uses Bluetooth and MMS

There is a new mobile virus called Commwarrior that uses both Bluetooth and multimedia messaging services (MMS) to spread itself to other phones.

Mobile Phone Virus Spreading Through MMS

In the past, the few mobile phone viruses to have success have done so through propagation via Bluetooth technology.

MMS Virus Discovered on Symbian Phones

A mobile phone virus that spreads through Mobile Messaging Services (MMS) has been discovered on Symbian Series 60 mobile phones.

UK Government Launches Virus Warning Site

Yesterday, the government for the United Kingdom launched a web site designed to offer computer virus/security-related news and information for anyone who would like to access the site.

Fake FBI Email Contains Virus
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A fake email claiming to be from the Federal Bureau of Investigations containing an attached virus is making the rounds through various email inboxes.

Cabir Virus Appearing On U.S. Mobile Phones

The Cabir virus, which is believed to have originated in the Philippines, has been slowly making its way across the globe.

Cabir Virus Targets Mobile Phones

A mobile phone virus originating from the Philippines is spreading to multiple countries, which to some, officially signifies the beginning of the mobile virus era.

Lexus Talks to a Blog to Squash Virus Rumors

ZDNet reports that car maker Lexus denied that the Cabir wireless worm poses a risk to the Bluetooth-capable navigation systems featured in some of its vehicles …

New Cell Phone Virus Discovered

F-Secure, a Finnish Internet security company, has discovered a new cell phone virus called Lasco.A. The virus spreads via Bluetooth technology and by attaching itself to files contained on mobile phones.

Web Worm Uses Google To Spread Virus

Gary Price at the Search Engine Watch forum has details of a new web worm that uses Google to spread.

Cell Phones Not as Secure as You Think
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People are starting to become aware of the fact that cell phones are just as vulnerable as computers when it comes to hackers.

City Uses iQ Networking for Spam and Virus Elimination

Qwest Communications International announced that the city of Missoula, Mont., has selected Qwest’s wide area networking (WAN) solution, known as iQ Networking, to help it control and eliminate unwanted spam and viruses that present a strain on the city’s network.

Fallout From The MyDoom Search Engine Attack

On Monday, July 26, 2004, the major search engines were hit by a variant of the MyDoom virus. This particular version of the virus sniffs out email addresses and domains from infected computers and proceeds to query the major search engines in order to locate more addresses attached to the discovered domain.

Alien Intruders!

You probably didn’t casually invite, or extend a formal attendance request to, these undesirables known as viruses.