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Dept. of Homeland Security Is Watching You Twitter & Tweet Dept. of Homeland Security Is Watching You Twitter & Tweet
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If you have a Twitter account, you may have “people” that follow you with what are suspiciously fake accounts. The tell-tale signs are standard: thousands of followers with barely any (if even one) tweets, tweets that contain lots of links …

Mikeyy Worms Its Way Through Twitter

Update: A seventeen-year-old kid has taken credit for the worm creation.

April Fools Virus Bigger Than March Madness
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March Madness has been a very buzz-worthy topic over the last month or so, but as the NCAA tournament has gotten closer to its end, the buzz has faded consistently. A different topic has generated buzz however, and that is the Conficker computer virus that is supposed to hit the Internet on April 1st. According to Wikipedia:

11-Year-Old Boy Figures Out Network Security
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If your business is still letting users inside the network deal with spam and other security issues on the desktop, your leadership may not be smarter than a 5th grader.

Amnesty Int’l Warns Of Web Censorship “Virus”

It may not be fatal, but it’s a pretty bad disease nonetheless; according to Amnesty International, “The virus of Internet repression is spreading.”

Should Happy New Year Virus Be Forgot ?

Spammers rang in the New Year with a “Happy New Year!” e-mail virus attack. Israeli security company Commtouch reported that there were 3,262 variants in 65 hours. During that period the virus accounted for nearly 12 percent of all e-mail sent worldwide.

Google Delivers A Virus

The Google Video team accidentally sent out an email to 50,000 recipients of a Google Video email list, according to eWeek.

Google Takes On Bird Flu

The world’s largest Internet search company has joined the defenses arranged against bird flu. In combination with Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, Google Earth is helping to locate commercial poultry flocks, as well as the buildings, schools, and roads close to the farms and production facilities.

Mac OS X Security

Mac and Linux users aren’t used to turning on the news and hearing about security threats that affect us.

Microsoft Wont Release Virus Fix In Time

Microsoft has said that it won’t release an updated version of its Malicious Software Removal Tool until February 14, as was always scheduled, even though that version will contain a fix for the Kama Sutra/Blackworm/MyWife virus, which is set to delete Office documents on February 3.

Creative Ships Virus with MP3 Players

Creative Technology has accidentally shipped about 3,700 Zen MP3 players with a windows virus on them, and has recalled them.

Microsoft Vacates Vista Virus Issues

The Monad command shell won’t be shipped with the forthcoming Windows Vista operating system.

Windows Vista Shelled By First Virus
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An Austrian hacker has written the first Windows Vista virus, taking advantage of the new command shell in the platform.

Mytob Tops Of The Virus Charts

June’s list of reported viruses shows Mytob variants taking seven of the top ten spots in a Sophos Labs report.

How To Recognize If Your Computer Has A Virus Or Trojan On It

It isn’t always easy to tell if your computer has become infected with a virus or similar anti-social piece of software.

Browser Attacks Replacing Virus Threats

Criminal assaults on users online continue to grow, as thieves attempt to exploit browser vulnerabilities.

German Virus Sobers Up Email World

The world of SPAM began speaking with a distinct German accent after this weekend, as email inboxes are flooded with messages, most of them with Nazi rhetoric in the subject lines.

Mobile Phone Virus Appears In US

Users in Twenty countries have reported outbreaks of the Cabir virus, which spreads from phone to phone.

AOL IM For Windows Virus In Wild

An innocent looking link sent to you over AIM could have your PC downloading a virus.

Fake Windows Security Update Really Virus
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There is an e-mail scam going around that appears to be a message from Microsoft warning Windows users of a security update which turns out to be a virus.

Mabir Virus Aggressively Targeting Mobile Phones

A variant of the Cabir mobile virus, called Mabir, has been targeting mobile phones using the Symbian Series 60 operating system. Mabir is capable of spreading via Bluetooth or by a phone’s messaging service.