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A Famous Mouse Goes Virtual

When Walt Disney said “It all started with a mouse,” he didn’t mean the optical type with a scroll wheel.

Mapping In the Virtual World: Waypoints Worth Mentioning

Microsoft just announced the launch of their Virtual Earth service through MSN. The new mapping service gives users some unique perspectives by adding high quality Pictometry photography to the standard mapping fare. This will allow users to see storefronts whether they go looking for a McDonalds or a Hard Rock Caf.

War Of The Virtual Worlds: Google Vs Microsoft

The search engine market heats up as Microsoft joins Google and other search providers by introducing mapping technology to searches.

Microsoft Debuts MSN Virtual Earth

Geo-mapping service will offer layers of aerial photographs and satellite photos, and arrive later this year.

MSN Virtual Earth Employs Satellite Technology
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Since the official beta launch of the Google Maps satellite technology feature, integrating real time satellite photos with online map services has become all the rage.

Virtual Rehab: Video Games Offer Hope For Stroke Victims

Who says video games are a waste of time? A small study released by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke showed that stroke victims regained some motor function by playing virtual reality video games.

Socialtext: A Virtual Company Looks For A Home

When I was CEO of a risk management software startup, in very risky times, I had the honor of having John Nesheim as an Advisor.

Using Gmail as a 1GB Virtual Drive
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Need another reason to get your Gmail account? How about using its generous 1GB storage capacity as a virtual drive to save and retrieve files directly from inside Windows Explorer, accessing it from a new drive you’ll find under My Computer?

More About Web Hosting Differences – 1 of 3

A few Gnomies have been writing me ever since I posted my article about differences in the Web hosting world as it relates to the different plan options you have to choose from. Here’s one of those messages:

Blogger.com Begins Process of Internationalizing

The Blogger.com team has announced via the Google Blog that the service will soon be available in non-english languages.

Microsoft Announces Availability and Pricing of Virtual Server 2005

Virtual Machine Solution for Windows Server 2003 Delivers On Dynamic Systems Initiative Road Map.

Novell Announces Virtual Directory Services

Novell today announced two new products that eliminate many of the challenges associated with implementing directory services and identity management solutions.

First Virtual Communications Denied Request for Extension to Meet NADAQ Listing Requirements

First Virtual Communications, today announced that on August 24, 2004 the Company was notified that its request for an extension to comply with Nasdaq’s listing requirements had been denied.

LinkConnector Announces Virtual Affiliate Tracking

LinkConnector, a performance-based affiliate network, today announced new technology into the search market, Virtual Affiliate tracking.

Use shared objects on Linux

Make shared memory work for you, not against you

The Virtual Assistant

As a small business owner, outsourcing work to Virtual Assistants is fast becoming a popular and intelligent decision. The business owner saves enormous amounts of money by cutting the costs of offices and equipment overhead as well as expensive benefits packages.

Should the Virtual Devil Come to Visit You!

I recently came across a WebProWorld post on Basic Computer Security where the moderator (Minstrel) stated: “The internet has become a more hostile world in recent years and at best invasions of your computer can be annoying – more often than not they are also costly,” The information I found was most informative and the responses offered some great advice on different options for protecting one’s computer.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) the Insecure Solution

Many organisations have deployed VPN’s as a quick win solution and have suffered as a result of not implementing a full solution. Trinity Security Services’ Consultants have worked with a wide array of customers to solve security issues as a result of hastily rolled out VPN solutions.

Create FTP and Web IIS Virtual Directory Using C#

In this example we will create a Windows Form Project that will create new FTP and Web IIS Virtual Directories from code based on the name and path specified by the user. You can create virtual directories on the local computer by specifying the server name as “localhost” or you can create the virtual directory on a remote computer by specifying the machine name.

Virtual PC for Mac OS X

Virtual PC for Windows, Mac (OS 9 or X) and OS/2 creates virtual machines that can run multiple Windows versions. This is particularly advantageous for Mac users, but even ordinary PC users can find value in this. It’s easy to have Linux, Windows 98, Windows ME, 2000, XP Home and XP professional all on the same machine.

Is Your Copy Upside Down?

As a professional copywriter, I’ve seen my share of copywriting mistakes. One that seems to be particularly common is writing copy that’s “upside down.”