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Java Virtual Machine

Java is a high level object oriented language. When we compile java code it first gets converted into highly efficient byte code by the java compiler.

Zvents Going With Yahoo

Very strange. I went to the Zvents blog a few minutes ago and they had a whole post here about how they are announcing that they are adding a “powered by Yahoo’s Web services” logo to their site …

Virtual Tape

Virtual tape does just what you’d think: a backup thinks it’s writing to tape, but in reality the data is going elsewhere. It may still end up on tape eventually, but in the meantime it’s heading for disk, local or otherwise. This stuff isn’t cheap, but then neither are the systems where people would be interested in it.

MSN Updates Virtual Earth Licensing

Commercial developers will be able to take advantage of a new license and build Virtual Earth maps into their applications.

Entrepreneurs Go Virtual!

With the massive explosion of start-ups and home businesses developing, you’ll be hard pressed to not know of someone going down the entrepreneurial route.

Microsoft Launches APIs For Virtual Earth

Commercial developers can now obtain APIs to the Virtual Earth application free of charge.

Virtual Earth team pulling an all-nighter to get ready for PDC

I’m not the only one pulling an all-nighter at Microsoft tonight. I leave at 4 a.m. to go to the PDC

Google Posts New Orleans Imagery
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Google Maps has images of post-Katrina New Orleans. I hear the MSN Virtual Earth team is working on something similar too.

Idea for the Virtual Earth Team: Open Up!

I’ve been playing with Virtual Earth’s “locate me” technology and I’m very disappointed. It works by triangulating in on wifi hotspots near you and using those to figure out where you are.

Earth Delivered In A Flash

A developer has created a Flash-based interface portal for Google Earth and MSN Virtual Earth.

Ask.com Presents Virtual Neptune

Being a site where the purveyors of the Ask Jeeves search engine offer an in-depth look at the solar system’s eighth planet.

Building The Perfect Virtual Reputation: Internet Marketing Can Work For You!

For the last six years I have been living in the beautiful mountain town of Asheville, North Carolina.

MSN “deletes” Apple

I see that MSN Virtual Earth “deleted” Apple’s headquarters (that’s the Register’s headline, not mine).

MSN Launches Virtual Earth

The beta version of MSN’s competitor to Google’s Maps includes aerial photos and multiple searches.

Did MSN Virtual Earth Lose Apple’s HQ?

This weekend, Microsoft unveiled their online mapping service, Virtual Earth. This particular map service gives users a number of options when it comes to online map usability. However, it seems the developers of MSN’s latest project may have erred and not necessarily on the side of caution.

Google Maps Hybrid Fires Back At MSNs Virtual Earth

Though MSN’s Virtual Earth has been called the “Google Maps Killer,” that moniker may be a little premature in light of Google’s answer to the challenge. As the beta for VE is launched, Google steps it up a bit with Google Maps Hybrid mode.

Virtual Earth First Looks

Wow! Virtual Earth is impressive. I just went to the website, clicked on the ‘Locate Me’ button, told it to find me using my computer’s IP address, and it did just that in less than three seconds.

The Virtual Supply Chain the ultimate Supply Chain Management Strategy
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It has been said that the key to low costs in an e-commerce environment is through the adoption of a focused supply chain management strategy.

Government Gets Groovy With Microsoft

Microsoft subsidiary Groove Networks will work with government defense contractor General Dynamics on collaboration solutions.

GoogleGlobe – The Virtual World

They are interested in OUR favorite place on earth. We can add our places (e.g. your home, work, nature, holiday destination etc) to the site by filling in the form at the left side of the site.

Live By the Virtual Sword, Die By the Virtual Sword; Gamer Sentenced For Murder

Chinese state media announced a life-imprisonment sentence for a Shanghai gamer who killed a competitor for selling his “dragon saber,” a virtual weapon used in the popular “Legend of Mir 3″ game.