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MTV And There.com Hit The Avatar Zone

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Nickelodeon Launches Virtual World For Kids
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Popular children’s cable network Nickelodeon is venturing into the virtual world with their launch of Nicktropolis today. The site is geared towards children 6 to 14 and allows visitors to enter a virtual world where they can play games, watch video, interact with other kids, and create their own 3D rooms.

Virtual Property Auctions Nixed By eBay
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Since the dawn of EverQuest, the godfather of Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (MMORPGs), companies have turned a tidy profit from selling virtual items and currency that only exist within the game in exchange for real life cash.

Google To Create Its Own Virtual World?

Google Earth has become a very popular application among users wanting to explore various parts of the glob via satellite imagery. Rumors are now circulation that Google is looking to take its technology a step further and implement facets of Google Earth in a project aimed a creating a virtual environment, much like that of Second Life.

BBC To Launch Virtual World For Children

The BBC has plans to launch an online virtual world geared toward children. The site will be for 7-12 year olds and allow users to go online and explore content that will feature animation, games, music, and videos.

ICANN Reconsiders Virtual Red Light District

Nearly seven years after its initial proposal, the controversial .XXX domain, intended as an online “red light district” for pornographic websites, is soon to be reconsidered by the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which voted not to approve (but did not reject) the proposal in May of 2006.

Taatu: Another Virtual World

Second Life is the virtual world that’s getting all the attention these days, especially in the English-speaking world.

IBM Group to Focus on Virtual Worlds

Brian Kramer from McDonalds dropped me an email with link to a C|Net story about the seriousness with which IBM is taking Second Life and other metaverses.

Mobile Avatars & Multimedia Brand Marketing

CBS Interactive, along with Artificial Life, Inc., have announced the launch of an avatar-based mobile game based on the “America’s Next Top Model” reality television show. This is the first in a coming trend of TV crossover campaigns aimed at mobile consumers.

Windows XP “Virtually” Free

Microsoft has done a really cool thing, and made a legal, activated copy of a Windows XP SP2 Virtual PC image available as a free download.

Second Life insights

One of the earliest adopters of Second Life in the PR community was the Text 100 agency who established their virtual presence three months ago.

Microsoft Goes 3-D With Map Search

Virtual Earth 3D launched from Microsoft as a response to Google’s Earth program, with Microsoft’s version running in the browser as a plug-in instead of as a separate program.

Virtual Billboards With Microsoft’s Virtual Earth

As with any self-respecting blogger, I hate to say anything positive about Microsoft because they are synonymous with evil (just kidding!), but I must admit that the latest update to Virtual Earth – or whatever we’re supposed to be calling it nowadays, which is probably Windows Live Web Search Satellite Virtual 3-D Planet – is pretty damn cool.

Google: The Virtual Roman Empire

Google is on the cusp of establishing a virtual dynasty by exerting prominent influence in the ways people access, manage, and respond to information. Could we be witnessing the birth of a new empire?

The Buzz About Virtualization

There is a lot of buzz going around about Virtualization. What is Virtualization, and what benefits does it provide?

Who has the best images of Google?

Heheh, a little cross-company smack talk going on over on the Virtual Earth blog.

How to Create a Local IIS Web Site
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This article is an excerpt from the book: Murach’s ASP.NET 2.0 Web Programming with C# 2005.

IT Spending: Putting a Budget Surplus to Good Use
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If you sell to government, non-profit or educational accounts, your firm may be accustomed to managing this next challenge.

HR Training A Virtual Experience

The assortment of workplace hazards entrepreneurs face in the business environment include the litigation-happy, and companies need to take steps to train staffers against possible harassment activities.

Does Web 2.0 Support Net Neutrality?

Sitting at the Vloggercon show again, and I came to hear on the panel on Net Neutrality – an area that really does interest me, mainly because of the deafening silence in the Web 2.0 community. Huge silence.

Virtual Marketing Jobs

Global Kids, Inc., a New York City based non-profit organization focused on urban youth, is actually looking for someone with experience in working as Second Life Special Trainer.