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FTC Says Kids Have Easy Access To Explicit Content In Virtual Worlds

The Federal Trade Commission released a report today that found minors can easily access sexually and violently explicit content in online virtual worlds.

The congressionally mandated report, "Virtual Worlds and Kids: Mapping the Risks," calls on operators of virtual worlds to take steps to keep explicit content away from children and teens, and recommends parents become familiar with the virtual worlds their kids visit.

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API Released for Second Life Plug-Ins

You don’t hear as much about Second Life these days as you did several years ago. For a while, articles were being written left and right about how to leverage this virtual world from Linden Lab as a business tool. Lately, not so much.

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Kids/Teens Drawn to Virtual Worlds, Not Marketers

What do you get when you cross a video-game with social networking? Virtual worlds – and they’re no joke, particularly with younger generations who are immersing themselves in increasing numbers.

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Second Life Still Alive and Kicking

Remember Second Life? While the virtual world disappeared from the media spotlight some time ago, it’s alive and well and continues to attract a new member every second.

A few months back you couldn’t escape media coverage of the brave new virtual world of Second Life. Major brands were building virtual HQ’s, holding virtual meetings and developing virtual marketing campaigns. Coca-Cola, IBM and even the NBA was making its second home there.

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At Least the Virtual Economy Isn’t Too Bad Yet

More people might want to start using Second Life, because the economy in that world doesn’t seem to be as bad as that in reality. Linden Lab, the company behind Second Life, released some data about their third quarter, with user hours reaching their highest ever.

Second Life User Hours

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Nickelodeon Adding Virtual Worlds

Nickelodeon is developing a virtual world based on the popular animated series "SpongeBob SquarePants."

The virtual world will feature games, avatars, and social networking connected to the series.

The network is also expected to launch Monkey World, a social networking and massive multiplayer game that is an original concept that is not associated with any of its current franchises.

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PBS Launches Site For Young Kids

PBS has launched an online neighborhood aimed at preschoolers called PBS Kids Play.

The site is currently in beta and is available to try for free. The site will become a subscription based service later this quarter and fees will be $9.95 a month, or $79 a year. The site is ad free and focuses on children ages 3 to 6. A discount to use the service is being offered if you contribute to your local public television station.

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Virtual Furniture Thief Arrested

 The question of who has metaphysical jurisdiction in virtual worlds is not one so carefully addressed in Amsterdam as police have arrested a virtual criminal. In the Netherlands, at least, theft is theft and has real-world consequences.

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Who Has ‘Metaphysical Jurisdiction’ In Second Life?

 Before the end of this sentence you will have to make a choice between the blue pill and the red pill, for as soon as we step over the period we will enter an alternate reality and it will not be easy. Lawyers are looking into virtual worlds like Second Life, studying whether the environment is suitable for regulation and asking who has "metaphysical jurisdiction."

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Are Virtual Worlds Now Passe?

There are plenty of virtual worlds around and as proof one can point to the second Virtual Worlds Conference and Expo, which begins today in San Jose and runs through tomorrow.

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Virtual World Marketing

I’m racing headlong to age fifty, but some days I feel older than others. Lately I have been feeling oh-so-twentieth-century whenever someone talks about marketing campaigns in virtual worlds, such as Second Life. I admit it. I just don’t get it.

I’m not saying that virtual worlds aren’t important. I’m not even saying that marketing in virtual worlds won’t go on just as it does in the real world.

What I don’t get is the kind of marketing that we’re doing in virtual worlds.

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Virtual Gambling Could Bring Down Second Life

In the virtual world of Second Life, one can engage in just about every imaginable sort of commerce. Industries spanning from standard retail to prostitution offer the average Second Lifer a veritable cornucopia of possibilities, but it’s the virtual casinos that exist in the online world that are drawing the attention and ire of government agencies in the United States.

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Atari To Develop Its Own Virtual World

Second Life has inspired numerous other start-ups looking to take advantage of the hype surrounding the user-generated virtual world phenomenon.

While many companies are looking to make a name for themselves with such aspirations, Atari just wants to reclaim its piece of the video gaming pie.

Just what sort of unmitigated chaos has been wrought in the wake of Second Life’s popularity?

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Is Virtual World Marketing Just A Fad?

Anyone believing that online worlds like Second Life have reached the point of saturation had better take a second look at the marketing climate. Current trends point toward even more growth and expansion into virtual environments as the list of Fortune 500 companies launching operations in these online words continues to increase.

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Virtual Worlds Valued At A Billion

World of Warcraft, Second Life, Final Fantasy Online, Everquest and a whole slew of other online environments are booming as broadband access has continued to proliferate throughout the United States and beyond.

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