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Microsoft Virtual Earth Gets Massive Imagery Update
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Earlier this week, Al Gore, Jimmy Buffet, and a famous oceanographer came together to announce a Google Earth update.  Don’t look for the same level of hubbub here, but Microsoft’s now taking its own impressive step in this area by releasing about 100 terabytes’ worth of Virtual Earth imagery.

Destination Nowhere: Ask Give Microsoft Map Business
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Ask.com’s mapping service, a feature laden map option that provided a host of tools, received an unceremonious dumping in favor of Microsoft and its Virtual Earth.

Virtual Earth Treads New Ground
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Dozens of new cities in Microsoft’s Virtual Earth joined the list of those with Bird’s Eye imagery and other advanced views ahead of the Christmas holiday.

Feedback for the Virtual Earth Team

The Virtual Earth team wants our feedback.

Wonderful. Kudos to any company that wants its customers’ feedback and offers a participatory approach. So, here’s my feedback…

Microsoft added a LOT of whizbang features to its maps.live.com maps (3D, lots of photos, and such) but they didn’t focus on the basics.

Microsoft Virtual Earth Gets 3D Modeling System

Thanks to the release of a new 3D modeling system, Microsoft Virtual Earth is a step closer to achieving parity with its main rival, Google Earth.  Google Warehouse, meet 3DVIA.

Microsoft, Not Google, Secures EPA Deal

We’ve all seen Google grow increasingly close to the U.S. government, but in this case, it’s Microsoft that narrowed the gap.  The prize, as such, is a contract with the Environmental Protection Agency involving the use of Virtual Earth.

Microsoft Tunes Up Virtual Earth In UK

Microsoft Corp. and Intermap Technologies have launched Microsoft’s enhanced Virtual Earth 3-D viewing platform with elevation information for all of Great Britain.

Virtual Earth Watches The Weather Channel

A new tool from The Weather Channel utilizes Microsoft’s Virtual Earth to let visitors drift through the clouds and weather systems from the desktop.

Virtual Billboards With Microsoft’s Virtual Earth

As with any self-respecting blogger, I hate to say anything positive about Microsoft because they are synonymous with evil (just kidding!), but I must admit that the latest update to Virtual Earth – or whatever we’re supposed to be calling it nowadays, which is probably Windows Live Web Search Satellite Virtual 3-D Planet – is pretty damn cool.