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Sadie Robertson Finds It Hard To Stay a Virgin, Even As a Christian

Sadie Robertson, daughter of Duck Dynasty family members Willie and Korie Robertson, is coming into her own. She recently told TVGuide that she is not meekly following her family’s faith path anymore. “For my whole life I’ve kind of been shadowing what my family says,” Robertson said. “They’ll say something about my faith and I agree. But now, it’s time …

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Virgin Birth Claims Examined in New Study

The Christian story of the birth of Jesus may be the most well-known virgin birth claim in history, but it turns out that such claims are not as rare as we might think. A new study published in this year’s Christmas edition of the British Medical Journal has examined modern virgin birth claims, finding some interesting trends in those women …

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Virginity, A Small Price To Pay For An iPhone 4

Apple now has a new slogan for the iPhone. “So awesome, you’ll do anybody for one!” Of course, Apple already had a slogan similar to this for their iPad 2 – “So awesome, you’ll cut out your internal organs for one.” Earlier this month the news surfaced that a high-school freshman in China named Zheng had sold one of his …

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