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Reverse 911 Calls Are Not Fun To Get At 2 AM

A series of reverse 911 calls has apparently gotten under the skin of quite a few Virginia Beach residents. From the thousands of complaints that followed the early morning message, it’s safe to say the affected are not morning people! Following a major accident that lead to the closure of the 500 block of Sandbridge road on Wednesday evening, officials …

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Cargo Ship Grounded In Virginia Due To Weather

A 751 ft barge was tossed about in the Chesapeake Bay like a bath toy, a testament to the ferocious power of Mother Nature. The cargo ship, known as the Ornak, had been anchored to the east of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel on Wednesday morning. While waiting to pick up wheat, the vessel was unexpectedly caught up in a …

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Dave MacDowell: Art, Lebowski, And The Internet

Dave MacDowell has made quite a name for himself in the art world over the years, garnering a huge following on Facebook as word spread of the brilliantly talented artist with a stellar sense of humor. Using anything and everything related to pop culture–characters from movies like “The Big Lebowski” play a recurring role in his work–and making it his …

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Navy Jet Crashes Into VA Beach Apartment Building

Just before 12:30 this afternoon, a military jet went down in Virginia Beach, crashing into an apartment complex and setting two of the buildings on fire. Two of the crew members aboard the F-18 jet ejected before the crash; one of the pilots was taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. The jet was coming from Naval Air Station Oceana …

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