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Navy ‘Frozen’ Lip-sync Video Goes Viral

I don’t know what it says about me that I can’t sing or quote the entirety of Disney’s Frozen from memory. Apparently I’m not having as much fun with my life as the gentlemen featured in this new viral video. The Navy baseball players decided to upload a recording of themselves lip-syncing the words from “’Love Is An Open Door”, …

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Miley Cyrus Can’t Go To Prom, But Gives Matt Peterson A Counteroffer

Its no secret that fans love Miley Cyrus, but one fan went to great lengths to make his sentiments crystal clear. As a matter of fact, his gratuitous effort was so creative, it actually went viral. However, the creative aspect is the fact that he’s already met the singer, not once but twice. Miley Cyrus fanatic Matt Peterson took to …

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