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Google Unveils M-Lab To Monitor ISPs
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Get ready for ISPs to become less than pleased with Google.  The search giant, together with the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Institute, the PlanetLab Consortium, and various academic researchers, has introduced something designed to monitor Internet service providers for iffy behavior.

Google CEO Denies Interest In Government Job
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Google CEO Eric Schmidt has been on the campaign trail stumping for Barack Obama, virtually formalizing his “informal campaign advisor” role, a suddenly very public endorsement that fueled speculation about a possible cabinet position, specifically Obama’s proposed tech czar.

Father of the Internet Backs Obama

Often called the Father of the Internet (though he calls himself a “cofounder”), Vint Cerf these days works for Google being, as Valleywag’s Own Thomas puts it, “vice president in charge of being the guy who created the Internet.”

So that’s what “Internet Evangelist” means!

Whatever his title, he’s using throwing some of the clout onto YouTube to endorse Senator Barack Obama as President. The wedge issue for Cerf? The one that protects his baby of course: Net Neutrality.

NBC Olympics Coverage Proves Online Video’s Importance
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NBCNBC Sports had a good run with online video during the Olympics to say the least. They reported that they streamed over 12 million hours of Olympics content across its digital platforms, with 7 million visitors watching over 30 millions streams of live and Video On Demand content at NBCOlympics.com.

Father of the Internet Talks About His Child’s Future
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Vint CerfVint Cerf, who is commonly known as the "father of the Internet", has posted an article on the Official Google Blog, as part of their series of experts predicting the future, such as Marissa Mayer did for search and

Cerf Proposes Alternate Strategy To Comcast
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The broadband network management question has been at the center of the Network Neutrality debate for sometime, but recent scuffles between Comcast and the Federal Communications Commission have brought the issue more scrutiny. Vint Cerf, Google’s Chief Internet Evangelist, weighed in on that issue today, suggesting a new model for dealing with cable capacity issues.

Who’s Vint Cerf Kidding?

The cold hard truth is, if kids want to find it, they’ll find a way to find it. They can’t be completely sheltered without locking them in their rooms, which probably does more damage than letting them see what they wanted to see in the first place.

Vint Cerf Foresees Growth

Children are illogical and unpredictable little things, but their parents are still among the best-qualified people to calculate their futures.  And when Vint Cerf recently discussed the future of the Internet, much of the conversation focused on the concept of “bigger.”

Cerf Plans Life After ICANN

Poor Google – it will no longer have the chairman of ICANN’s board of directors on its payroll.  But it should soon have a prolific author, and Vint Cerf is essentially the cause (and effect) of both these changes.

Cerf: Internet Will Expand Into Outer Space

Astronauts would never again be without Google.  But that’s just one of the benefits that could come from expanding the Internet into space, which is where Vint Cerf says it’s going to go.

Cerf To Surf Out, IDNs To Surf In
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"The Architect," you might call him, or "The Father of the Internet," or more recently, as Google has titled him, "Chief Internet Evangelist," Vinton Cerf will perform one of his last official functions as Board Chair of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) next month.

Net Evangelist’s Regulation Rejection

In a BBC Radio 4 interview [podcast], Vint Cerf – known as one of the founding fathers of the Internet – protested that the Internet is merely reflecting society not leading it…

Google Evangelist & Internet Founder Predicts Web Future

Google’s chief evangelist shared his vision of hope and gloom for the web at the recent Edinburgh International Television Festival. Vinton Cerf, referred by many as one of the web’s founding fathers, told of a web future that involved deep space, internet everywhere, and the loss of valuable information.

Google Has (More) Secret Public Meetings

Google has historically been pretty secretive about what the company is working on – that’s typical in the corporate world as it keeps competitors in the dark. But more interesting than that are Google’s Not-So-Secret-Secret-Meetings with hundreds of attendees agreeing not say anything about what they heard.

Google Waxes Philosophical, Confuses Everyone

There’s been a lot of lofty rhetoric effluviating (CAUTION: made-up word) out of Mountain View lately. Vinton Cerf and Eric Schmidt seem to agree that human nature, just like on Earth, makes for rotten digital societies – which is why Larry Page is working on a brain-based algorithm to fix it.

Um, It’s Gone, Vint Cerf Did It

Surprising news comes from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN); they have removed the top-level domain .um, for United States “minor outlying islands,” from the list of available domains.

Vint Cerf Wants YOU!

In a letter on Google’s website, CEO Eric Schmidt asks users to join them in the fight for net neutrality.

Google Cerf-ing For British Engineers

Google evangelist Vint Cerf, father of the Internet, will canvas several universities in the UK to help recruit graduates to work for his company’s new research and development center in London.