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With ‘Hundreds’ of Paid Videos Uploaded, Vimeo Launches New On Demand Homepage

Last month, Vimeo launched a full video on demand service that lets Vimeo PRO creators sell their work on the site. It’s pay-to-view, with much freedom (and profits) given to the creators. Creators get to set the price for their work, and they take 90% of the profit. Today, just over a month later, Vimeo is announcing that creators have …

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Vimeo On Demand Lets Creators Make Pay-to-View Videos with a 90/10 Split

Back in September, Vimeo launched their new Creator Services suite, which they billed as a set of “simple, powerful tools to help creators make more money for doing what they do best.” The first part of that was the “tip jar,” which allowed video creators to set up donations on their video pages. At the time, Vimeo teased that paid …

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