Vim Articles

Ruby Challenging JSP On Web Development

JavaServer Pages has been in the web developer arsenal for several years, but “Ruby on Rails” author Bruce Tate thinks Ruby may offer a better approach to web page development.

Google Hired Vim Author

Never wrote about this, but I sure meant to. And vacation: Time to do it! Anyway, Google hired Bram Moolenaar, the guy who created the text editor Vim, according to Google Blogoscoped.

Google Hires Creator Of Vim

Bram Moolenaar, creator of the text editor Vim, or Vi improved, will begin working with Google in the company’s Zurich offices.

Controlling Linux colors in vi (vim)

Because of an old application that apparently partially looks at termcap and partially hard-codes terminal info, a customer has to set TERM=ansi when using Alphacom to access his Linux box.