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Watch Videos on Twitter without Clicking Short URLs

Video search engine VideoSurf launched a Firefox add-on today called "Videos at a Glance," which can show Twitter users the videos behind applicable links. For example, if someone in your Twitter stream posts a link to a video, the add-on will automatically display the video, as well as a visual video summary, right in the tweet, so you don’t have to click through.

VideoSurf Claims Next Level of Video Search Relevancy

VideoSurf is a video search engine I’ve written about in the past. Today, the company unveiled its latest release.

WebProNews received an email from them, and a spokesperson tells us, "VideoSurf is taking video search to the next level." He mentioned the following highlights:

Searching for Video Relevance

Google has started integrating audio indexing or "GAudi" (Google Audio Indexing) into video search. The company hopes to eventually apply it to all YouTube videos, but so far it is only limited to a narrow selection. The experiment began as an iGoogle gadget for political videos, but has now become a Google Labs project, though it is still only being applied to the "Politicians" channel of YouTube.

Video Search Gets Serious
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Word on the street is that video search is about to get a huge upgrade, courtesy of a new site called VideoSurf. Video search has been a tough nut to crack for even the likes of Google, with relevancy problems plaguing pretty much every video search engine around.