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Six Apart Gets Scooped Up By VideoEgg to Form SAY Media

VideoEgg announced that it has agreed to acquire Six Apart, makers of the TypePad blogging platform. Together, they are forming a new brand, called SAY Media. They have a combined global audience of  345 million, which should be attractive to advertisers. 

Own the Network by Building the Right Brand

VideoEgg announced $1.5 million in ad revenues over 5 months, which is not much when you consider that they have over 150 top widgets. You can use targeted widgets and gadgets to push things that are already valuable, successful, unique, or interesting outside of the social networks, but traditional advertising is no good.

VideoEgg Touts Facebook Ad Revenue

A $1.5 million take in five months has ad network VideoEgg touting success for social application developers.

VideoEgg Partners With Three Media Sites

In terms of name recognition, it isn’t exactly an A-list collection of companies – no YouTube, no Facebook, no Flickr.  But VideoEgg has partnered with Metacafe, Imeem, and Buzznet, and advertisers should say "thank you" in response.

On the Agenda Today

Today is a unique day. Do you know why? Simple, when else will there be a January 14th, 2008? See, unique isn’t it? ;-)

Here are today’s unique picks:

VideoEgg Finds $15 Million

When VideoEgg mocked YouTube over a not-so-new ad format, it raised a lot of eyebrows.  It also, it seems, raised a lot of interest – less than a month has passed, and VideoEgg just collected $15 million in funding.

YouTube Ads (The Aftermath)
YouTube finally unveiled the first real version of its a platform last week, and we’re still processing the results. Some stories:

Web 2.0 Expo: Venture Capital 2.0

A popular and very funny session today was the session entitled “Venture Capital 2.0: Bright Future or Broken Forever?”. This session was moderated by Mike Arrington of Techcrunch who is a former VC himself and current angel investor. It appeared like it could be boring listen to a bunch of venture capitalists talk, but Arrington did a very nice job spicing it up with well-timed insults and jokes.

Flash Media on the Web
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With the advent of what appears to be a ‘media boom’ on the Internet, I think it’s time for a reminder about accessible media on the web.

VideoEgg Launching Ad Platform

Google and YouTube both have plans for monetizing video, now VideoEgg is getting in on the game.